Aaralyn Sypor






The Growth of Gielinor




Lady of the Growth

 Aaralyn was born to Ce'Alira, her mother, and Alexander Ryder, her father. After her uncle's betrayal, her mother was killed. Alexander kept himself remote for years, caring for the child in captivity. After years, they managed to escape, and, only months after escape, her father, Alexander, was ambushed by Ryderian soldiers, and killed.


Aaralyn was born on a small island, to which was owned by the Feral King, Alexander Ryder. Born to a woman named, Ce'alira Ryder, she grew only a couple of years, to which is when her mother was killed. Aaralyn's father raised her whilst they were held captive by a traitorous, rogue General. Alexander, and her fortunately managed to escape captivity, yet, only months afterwards, Alexander was murdered by his own nephew, Valian Ryder, leaving Aaralyn to be raised by only a butler, and a few servants.

She grew with a terrible urge of vengeance.

Current LifeEdit

She lives in the Sypor Manor, currently.

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