Carcere Tenebris

The Carcere Tenebris is an ancient construct – a powerful golem powered by souls.

It was created by Midwyn.

Known HistoryEdit

Its true origin is lost in the mists of time and its history is remembered by few. Carcere Tenebris, also known as 黑暗天使 (Hēi'àn Tiānshǐ, lit. Dark Angel) or the Dark Prison Armour, is a contraption of torture and manipulation from the Eastern Lands.

It is widely accepted to have been created by the end of the Third Age by a necromancer known as Obscurité. It was used in hexing rituals in the east to bind souls and force them to perform certain tasks. The trapped soul slowly shatters within and will ultimately become a revenant, doomed to wander the world for all eternity.


It looks, to an extent, like the armour the Kinshra usually wear with a few exceptions; the dark hood, green trim instead of the usual red and an inscription on the platebody that reads: "Ego Sum Tenebris Vinctum " (I am a prisoner in the dark). When hosting a soul, green glowing eyes may be seen in the darkness within the hood and green mist emanating from openings.

It usually carries a spiky flail with a faint green glow. The strength of the light in the flail symbolizes how strong the contained spirit is.

It is capable of speech. However, this is based upon the powers of the hosted spirit. It will speak in a monotone, mechanical manner with distorted voices, often varying in intensity and tone.

By itself, the armour has little to no sentience but still holds great dark powers and should be approached with caution.

Claiming ProcessEdit

To claim the Carcere Tenebris one must first, of course, get ahold of it when it isn't hosting a soul. Only a person who is skilled in the art of necromancy can begin to fuse a soul with the armour. Then one must chant "Spiritus Mortis Servire In Tenebris" (The spirit of death to serve in darkness) and hold out the soul to allow it to pass into the suit. From that moment it will follow its new master until the task it has been created for is done. The spirit within can of course fail its task and be forced to abandon the armour early, upon which it will become a revenant anyway. To prevent the spirit from taking too much damage one may choose to supply it with soul runes.


These are the souls the armour is believed to have hosted and its respective masters at the time. Some dates are uncertain and others remain unknown.

Third AgeEdit

Under control by ObscuritéEdit
  • Timothy Quibble, sailor (? - 3927)
  • Omura Musashi, swordsman (3931 - 3933)
  • Mimiko Yubari, concubine (3933 - 3936)
Under control by Jai the VengefulEdit
  • Pyang-Meiji, priest (3938 - 3945)
  • Gong Xiao-Yun, priest (3945 - 3946
  • Liang Zhiyi, priestess (3947 - 3949)
  • Gyatsu Huang, priest (3963 - 3972)
  • Yun Tao, priest (? - ?)
  • Hector Asturia, Saradominist missionary (? - 3998)

Fourth AgeEdit

  • Wilhelmina Mauritz, gardener (17 - 21)
  • Aryll Clearwater, baker (21 - 29)
Under control by Erdwulf HvilássonEdit
  • Cielatrix Ranarr, druidess (31 - 31)
  • Grubsnot, goblin warrior (35 - 42)
Under control by Cedria HawthorneEdit
  • Humbert Hawthorne, fisher (? - 567)
  • Gilbert Hawthrorne, fisher (570 - 576)
  • Marjorie Wallop, Zamorakian priestess (607 - 619)
  • Endro Morricone, musician (? - ?)
  • Alastor Pyrewind, wizard (? - ?)
  • Auberon Auberon, wizard (? - ?)
  • Guy Citrouille, wizard (? - ?)
  • Abrahim van Herring, wizard (? - ?)
Under control by Louis DreyfusEdit
  • Francesca Mondo, adventurer (1935 - 1941)
  • Rintra Mellark, Zamorakian cultist (1943 - 1944)
  • Cornelius Lombard, knight (1944 - 1954)
  • Swiftlight, horse (1957 - 1957)
  • Putin, penguin (1957 - 1956)
  • Mannfrid Wünderbaum, forester (1956 - 1958)

Fifth AgeEdit

  • Sinistra Quartz, vyrewatch (? - 97)
Under control by Harakaan Khal-AshrakEdit
  • Kamon Ivail, white knight (169)

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