Darad, holding his red flint knife and a machete.(click to Enlarge)





Tag Skills

One-Handed Two-Handed Crafsmanship

Current Occupation

Jungle Cutter, Village Rebuilder, Snake Killer, Thing Doer.

Mary Sue Test Score


Darad is an active character being roleplayed by David, as such, do not edit this page without his consent.

Darad is a Tai Bwo Wannai Tribesman living in Tai Bwo Wannai currently.


Darad was born 26 years before "The Hunger" hit Tai Bwo Wannai, he was a villager, working around to maintain the huts and fences of the village, he ascended to adulthood when he killed a black Lion-like beast that kept striking the village during night, he fashioned a cloak out of its fur. He seems to highly prize a strung small golden symbol given to him by a missionary, and he claims it saved him from The Hunger. Now he works to rebuild Tai Bwo Wannai, looking for survivors.

Alliances  or HostilitiesEdit

Darad's focus being on rebuilding the tribe, he is not immediately hostile to outsiders, and will initiate contact peacefully, only fighting if the outsiders become hostile, he often rewards outsiders who provide assistance and support in rebuilding Tai Bwo Wannai.



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