Dr Murdock is a 23 year old human character who originated in the city of Varrock. He is a follower of Saradomin with a recognized name among traders and mercenaries. His abilities in battle have proven his mastery of the skill "getting the job done." He has a history with taking jobs like guarding and favors tasks that can make use of his muscle.



Murdock is bald with a medium full beard. He has hazel eyes and crimson hair.

Bodily Edit

At 23 years old, Murdock is a brute not to be rekoned with. Weighing in at 258 lbs and armed to the teeth no one dared cross him. Though he is a man of few words, he can be seen reading and reciting the words of his holy book.

Personality Edit

A man of very few words, has a facination with cake, and though he has the coins to buy it, he likes to distract the market guards and steal himslef some good old cake from the vendors. He does have a insecurity towards mages ever since his parents were killed by a group of wizards casting fire wave.

Equipment Edit

Murdock has in his possession: two war hammers, but he occasionlly likes to fight with bare hands instead.

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