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This article addresses Dragon Metal armor/equipment and how the roleplaying community approaches it. This includes but is not limited to its value, commonality, and general use.

Accepted LoreEdit

This section lists details about Dragon metal combat equipment, particularly armor, that are universally accepted throughout the roleplaying community. This is mostly because there is official in-game content or Jagex statements that back the information up. However, it may also include information that the vast majority of the community has accepted.

  • Dragon armor is very rare, and would be exceedingly difficult to come by. In regards to this, money is not necessarily a factor - a character can be the wealthiest individual in the kingdom, but that won't get him dragon equipment if he can't find anyone to sell it to him.
  • It is the strongest metal available. Piercing straight through a plate of this metal would be an very difficult feat with a common steel sword to do on it's own. Likewise, piercing the said steel metal armor with a blade of dragon metal would be comparatively easy, but shouldn't be considered a "cut through paper". In fact, if a dragon sword was to stab the Steel plate, it would push through and damage the armor, and possibly kill the victim, though it is unknown how deep it can make it.
    • The Dragonkin, who are known as the ones to have made the Dragon equipment, have sharpened them to a Monomolecular edge, in order to create the strongest weapons possible.
  • Dragon armor is rare, valuable, and attractive. It would be perfectly reasonable for someone to stop and stare at the sight of a knight with a dragon helmet, never mind the full suit.
  • It isn't possible for a human to find Dragon ore or to smith a piece of dragon equipment from any raw materials found on Gielinor. A human (or other race) could, however, fix or alter something made of dragon metal in the highly unlikely, but not impossible, event that he discovered the Dragonkin forge and was an accomplished blacksmith.
    Cyrisus's bank

    Cyrisus's bank, featuring a few dragon items.

  • There are very few pieces of dragon armor known to exist on Gielinor. For example, Cyrisus, one of the most accomplished human fighters known, wore a Dragon Medium Helmet and owned a Dragon Chainbody. This is one of the very limited instances of encountering any other character with dragon equipment. Then, knowing that the only way to earn certain pieces of equipment is to defeat certain incredibly dangerous beasts, for a character to gather a complete set of full Dragon armor, he would more than likely have to dedicate several decades of his life to the task of collecting the set by any means possible - and then guard it with his life from thieves who would probably have noticed.
  • Dragon metal can break, as proven with the pieces of an armor can be gathered to reform it. Though it is unknown how strong of a blow an attack must be and of the cause of weapon/object to be strong enough to dent it.
    • That being said, Trolls are known to be able to chew on dragon metal, but even they admit it's hard on their teeth.

Debated LoreEdit

This section addresses aspects of Dragon Metal equipment in roleplay that the entire community has not agreed on, but are at least topics of discussion or are accepted only in certain circles.

  • It is unknown if dragon metal can rust, as there is no given information to back it up.
  • Even though this metal is the strongest, it is unknown how durable it can be against other metal that are either smith to be as durable, or made to be as sharp. It is believed that said metals weapons would require powerful strike, and to similar areas as well in order to even push through the defense of the dragon metal.
  • There are no exact number on how many dragon metal there are, but it is known that a lot are near impossible to get due to their locations, price, and material to make.

Common MistakesEdit

This area addresses common mistakes that roleplayers, usually new, make when dealing with Dragon Metal equipment in roleplay.

  • Mahjsw
    The only known armor made of dragon metal seems to be fitted for use by humans of a standard size. Unfortunately, this rules out the use of most pieces of dragon equipment to several races. Giants, ogres, trolls, and Mahjarrat, for example, would all be too large to wear the armor. On the other side of the equation, Gnomes, Dwarves, and Fairies are far too small.
  • You can't make new dragon armor, and you can't make a Dragonkin character who can do it for you, as the race wouldn't give it to anyone. This being said a non Dragonkin character could learn how to make new weapons, such as the battle staff, or ward, but it was stated that the requirements to make more of said items requires a lot of raw materials, which could cost, even a king a lot of money.
    • It should be noted that the "new weapons" must have been somethnig that already exists, that has blueprints, or in the hands of a skilled smith who can learn how to make one.
  • Just because a character is wealthy doesn't mean he has unlimited wealth. Even a king with the coffers of an entire kingdom at his disposal would likely only own two or three dragon bolts for use in dire situations. He might own a single dragon weapon, or a few if he's lucky, but any character at all with more than this should probably have an explanation prepared for how he came across such invaluable equipment.
    • More plausable ways would include your character being an adventurer (success varies, again be prepared with a good explanation) or a very accomplished dragon slayer; dragons having been known to guard over valuable items such as dragon metal.
  • Dragon equipment in-game does not necessarily equate with dragon equipment in character. A character's costume could easily involve a dragon square shield, while in-character it's just a heraldic mithril shield that has been painted red.
  • "Dragonite" is a term often confused with crafted dragon metal. However, dragonite actually describes the unrefined, ore state of dragon material. To carry a "dragonite kiteshield" is akin to carrying a "copper ore kiteshield." 
  • There is no known dragonite in Gielinor. Because we know nothing about the process for creating dragon metal, its origins, or if it even is a pure metal (as opposed to an strong alloy of other metals), the consensus is that dragonite is absent from the realm until otherwise explained. 
  • Dragonkins are the ones known to keep the ores with and the secret on how to smith one with them.
    • It was long thought that Linza had discovered the ore and learned how to smith it, giving her the fame she had. This was proven false however by Sliske, who reveals that Linza had stolen secret, and the ore from a Dragonkin who was chasing her down. This being said a master smith probably wouldn't be able to even know how to smith dragon metal out of the ore, as there is a secret to it.
      • The opposite can be said however, a dwarf had studied a Dragon battlestaff and managed to learn how to forge more, this also was with the help of blueprints.  


  • Following the armor rating scale for metallic armors, some say warpriest armor (the armor rewards from Battle of Lumbridge and the Bird and the Beast) could be considered as strong as dragon. Exactly what and how makes this so has been talked about little. Furthermore, only the third tier of the armor (level 75 defense) has the same in game stats as Dragonite. 

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