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Ezra Lycus, publicly known as Panther, is a human Promethean of the Dragonkin Worshippers.  He is roleplayed by Derp on World 42.


Panther stands at an extremely tall 6'2" and weighs 170 pounds.  His scar-ravaged body has an athletic build.  Most of his scars were obtained from sword wounds, torture, and from burns.  He has a handsome, young face, with very little facial hair; a long scar across the bridge of his nose, and his tendancy to glare and frown give his face a more intimidating appearance, however.  His hair is of medium length, jet-black, and often messy from being under a helmet.

His irregular, amber eyes, black hair, and savage, wild fighting-style were reasons why people began calling him Panther; after the large, extinct cat.


Panther is very observant, rational, and laid-back, but also ambitious.  He has been known for having high standards and being judgemental of himself.  Socially, he's very outgoing, but he suffers from having potential control issues, and the inability to be an effective team worker.  Panther is an aggressive defender, and incredibly loyal to the Gaiaximus.  Like all Prometheans, he doesn't take shit from the other Atinease; his orders only come from the Gaiaximus or the Atinaese of the Promethean Caste, and he carries them out without question.


Like almost all Prometheans, Panther is in posession of Dragon Metal weapons.  His choice of weapons reflects his nickname, as he wields a pair of Dragon claws.

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Skills and AbilitiesEdit

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Other InformationEdit

  • "Lycus", Panther's surname, is the latinized form of the Greek name Λυκος (Lykos) meaning "wolf".  This is ironic because of his affiliation with large cats, specifically Panthers.

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