Lord Gabriel de Gardien du Nuit
The second Dark Lord


Late Second Age

Hallowvale (modern-day Meiyerditch)


Vampyre (previously human)

Lord Gabriel de Gardien du Nuit is a Morytanian vyrelord.


Gabriel and his enslaved demon; Amduscias

He is played by Midwyn.

Personality and traitsEdit

Gabriel is believed by most to be deranged. He often speaks in a nonsensical manner, exercising unusual wording and incoherent subjects. He also seems to suffer from mood swings. His overall demeanor and behaviour is considerably childish.

Early LifeEdit

Gabriel was born in the late Second Age in Hallowvale to the prestigious House of Baudelesti. A neglected child, he grew up in the shadow of his well-mannered and multitalented sister. He found it difficult to make friends due to his violent and deviant behaviour and was once even suspected of having drowned a local girl – though nothing was ever proved against him. Murderer or not, he still displayed a fanatic interest in the dark arts and became increasingly obsessed with the stories of the Zarosian empire, which in turn resulted in his family and neighbours disregarding him as one of them.

One fateful day, after years of living as an outcast in Hallowvale, he heard rumours of the feared vampyres and mahjarrat in the north. He chose to abandon Saradomin in order to pursue a life amongst what he regarded as superior races. Before he could make his way out of the Hallowlands, however, Zaros was overthrown by the mahjarrat Zamorak and the world fell into chaos; thus marking the beginning of the God Wars.

Third AgeEdit

Though enraged at first that he never got the chance to meet the great deity they called "The Empty Lord," Gabriel soon realised that the unexpected turn of events could be beneficial for him. The vampyres had sided with the newly risen god Zamorak and were on their way to invade the Hallowlands. Longing for the recognition he had always been denied at home he offered himself to the vampyres, who by now had crossed into the Hallowlands through Silvarea. Gabriel abandoned his mortal life and took the name 'de Gardien du Nuit', celebrating his rebirth as a vampyre.

Settling in DarkmeyerEdit

Hallowvale fell, Lord Drakan's curse transformed the Hallowlands into a dark marshland and he renamed it the Sanguinesti Region. Gabriel's efforts in the fall of Hallowvale were handsomely rewarded and he was given a place in the middle tier of Darkmeyer, the newly established capital of Morytania.

Execution of the BaudelestisEdit

The enslavement of the people of Hallowvale was not enough for Gabriel. He saw personally that his family would meet their end in the most gruesome possible way. They were taken to Castle Drakan together with several other nobles and few dare speak of the rumours concerning the bloodbath that would follow.

Ascension to the upper tierEdit

As the years passed, Gabriel grew more influential. He gained good reputation amongst the vyrelords and vyreladies of the upper tier by playing his cards right and by the end of the third age he was entitled his own property in front of Vanstrom Klause's mansion. Once an established member of the Morytanian nobility he quickly proceeded to use his new authority to dispose of the few who knew of his foul play and dirty tricks.


Gabriel's dragon halberd is a trophy claimed from one of his victims. (Thanks to Demise36 for letting me edit his picture.)


Fourth AgeEdit

Gabriel's hunger for power soon involved him in the darkest Morytanian intrigues. He had become close with the House of Draculea and aspired to gain even more power through their influence. This, however did not occurr without losing a few friends and gaining a few enemies.

Fifth and Sixth AgeEdit

In the year 169 of the Fifth Age, for undisclosed and dubious reasons, Gabriel was imprisoned in the dungeons beneath Darkmeyer. This is an unusual form of punishment amongst the vampyres and, as stated above, the reason remains a mystery. It is rumoured that he has gone insane and that the vyrelords keep him there to see what becomes of a vampyre once unburdened by common sense and reason.


Guarded under heavy lockdown beneath Darkmeyer, Gabriel is believed to have been consumed by rage and descended into madness.

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