So me be noticing that people be makin' notes on da Mahj-Fleshies, so me like,'Hey! Me has met some Mahj-Fleshies, so me make Notes too!', so yeah, here be mah notes.

–General Gk'rath

 Gk'rath Notes on Mahj-Fleshies is a journalistic document kept by the character known as General Gk'rath. Much like the "notes" popular among members of the Mahjarrat race based on Zemouregal's Notes found during the Mysteries of the Mahjarrat in-game quest series, this document keeps track of all the Mahjarrat individuals the author knows to be alive, along with an impression of that character. 

Dem Mahj-FleshiesEdit

Dis be a Mahj-Flesh me thinks, tho he has strange name...Potatoes?

  • Wiz-Flesh:

Dis be a Mahj-Flesh, he come to me and Alrekr-Flesh after me scare away big demon! He be in disguise as da Wiz-Flesh tho. After me threaten to eats him, he get scared and me decide to eat him later. Ha!

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