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This page addresses information about the Godless and their philosophy known as Godlessness as it applies to World 42 roleplaying. Any constructive editors are welcome to contribute, especially as new content comes out in-game.

Brief HistoryEdit

The history of Godlessness as an anti-religious philosophy is not a pleasant one. It started with the Naragi race, from which the god Guthix originated, being unwilling to bend to Saradomin. All the Naragi except for one were slain in a bloody conflict brought to their home world by a handful of warring gods. That one surviving Naragi, Guthix, achieved godhood by acting in the ways of the Godless, and killing one of the invading gods, Skargaroth.

The next major case of Godlessness was the rebellion and retreat of the Dorgeshuun goblins against Bandos. They were a goblin tribe, commanded to enter a battle they knew they could not win. The elders of the tribe decided to run away to a place where they hoped Bandos would not be able to find them. They now exist today as cave goblins.

The current Godless faction is comprised of many former Guthixians who believe, in honor or vindication of the dying wishes of Guthix, that gods have no place on Gielinor.  It also includes other individuals who, in general, are disillusioned by the gods and what they have witnessed by the conflict that the gods bring to the world.

The FactionEdit

The Godless faction was organised by Kara-Meir and a former druid, Biehn. Biehn was loosely Guthixian, and planned to leave the druids anyway, due to working with blood potions the druids of Taverley would find fault with. Kara-Meir is not beyond working with a demon who is sick of the contracts to Zamorak and Zaros his race is bound to, to which even Biehn shows surprise. It was Kara-Meir who picked the name for the group.

Supporters of Godless TeachingsEdit

While not all of the following may support the Godless (and associated factions) Godless are most likely to come from the following racial, religious, and secular organizations.

  • Most former Guthixians
  • Dorgeshuun
  • Likely, most Dwarves.
  • Similar to Dwarves, most Gnomes.
  • Some Humans
  • Select individuals from other races (evidenced by the Demon working with the Faction's founders)

Common MistakesEdit

This category addresses traits that players, often new ones, give their Godless characters but that aren't actually seen in Godless on Gielinor. That is, a character may have these traits, but it would not be due to the teachings of the Godless faction.

  • While Guthixians will work with Godless, the two faction are not mutually inclusive. This is demonstrated by Kara-Meir's welcoming of demons, and Biehn's unorthodox Guthixian studies.
  • Godless who were not Guthixian do not necessarily lack morals, they just build them from society and their family instead of directly from religion.
  • Godless characters shouldn't necessarily be open and proud of becoming Godless. Because of how new the philosophy is, most enemy factions are many measures stronger. Some Godless may feel pride in their choices, but the wise will probably be careful what they say to whom.
  • Not all Godless come from similar backgrounds, so they won't all necessarily get along. This doesn't mean they won't help each other, but as with most religions, morale disputes are guaranteed.


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