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The coat-of-arms.

The House of Vale is a Misthalinian noble family mostly signifigant for the reign of Tarquin de Vale, an old King of Misthalin, who was favored by the people for refusing to be a puppet ruler, and reinstalling Ehrick Elderon as King of Misthalin, however, Tarquin divided the monarchy in two, creating a diarchy leadership role in the government. 

Before the rule of Tarquin, the Vale's kept a low profile as nobles in Asgarnia and Misthalin, those in Asgarnia keeping ranks in the White Knight Order, while those in Misthalin established a few banks in the kingdom. During Tarquin's reign, they held a family seat within the city, and his eldest brother, Marquis de Vale, was one of three Lords of Varrock.

Vales of AsgarniaEdit

  • Sir Sabryn de Vale, Adept of the White Knight Order. First cousin of Tarquin de Vale.
  • Nicholas Vale, Captain of the Seaguard and Resident of Port Sarim, brother of Tarquin.

Vales of MisthalinEdit

  • Tarquin de Vale, former King of Misthalin.
- Vittorio de Vale, former Lord Mayor of Port Sarim, son of Tarquin.
- Narcissa de Vale, married to Virius Vekon.
  • Lord Marquis de Vale, banker of Misthalin.

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