Lilith Aren
Age 10
Race Human
Gender Female
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Religion N/A
Occupation Being a little terror
Status Alive

Lilith Aren is one of the youngest members of the Aren family, yet already quite well known within the small cirlce for her antics. Born, presumably, from a macabre experiment performed by Redclad Aren, she is an unexpected prodigy in biological magic.

Most notably, Lilith seems to have been brought up lacklusterly enough that she displays a profound lack of inhibitions and care for the well-being of others. Despite this, she appears to have massive respect and adherence to her mother's words and advice, quoting or paraphrasing her words to others frequently.

The impact on the world made by Lilith is already visible, and she has begun to make a reputation for herself, being known in the world outside the Aren institutions as a nameless girl who brutally ended the lives of over a dozen guards, covering Varrock Square in blood and gore.






Lilith, being a child, has an exuberant and wildly imaginative personality, with flights of fancy that can take her far and wide, as well as a disregard for the possibility of consequences that is significant and astonishing.

First and foremost, one of the basic pillars of Lilith's thought process is her mother, whose opinions and advice form the very basis of morality that Lilith operates after. Unfortunately, it is evident that Redclad Aren is not the best choice for a moral pillar, and as such Lilith openly and fervently believes that it is appropriate and acceptable to use extreme violence, even lethally so, against anyone who can be considered as threatening her.

On the other hand, Lilith's mother has instilled a certain sense of right and wrong in her, to the effect that she believes all people to be good until proven otherwise. Lilith is uniquely racist, disregarding skin tone and race and skipping straight to discriminating by blood flavor. Fortunately, she has been taught (and adheres, for the most part), that it is bad form to take blood from unwilling victims and that she should ask for permission first. The fact that such a request is often met with misunderstanding and distrust is a frequent source of irritation for Lilith.

As a further direct consequence of being raised for many years by a reclusive woman with a deep fascination for blood, Lilith displays a complete and utter lack of shame when bodily functions or nakedness are concerned. She is vengeful and entitled, used to having her whims indulged or followed swiftly and displays a frightening amount of temper when she doesn't get her way.

Aren CurseEdit

The Aren Curse is a family-specific ailment, inherited usually from parent to child, which significantly accentuates a specific character trait. Though most Arens only have one or two, they can inherit many more if they are unlucky. In Lilith's case, the curious nature of her conception and birth may have aided in the unusually high number of curses she has been diagnosed with. These curses, in addition to her already not insignificant character defects, compound her behavior, and oftentimes feed into one another. While living with her family can sometimes reduce the impact these curses have on her day-to-day life, they still make themselves known frequently.

  • Impatience: The most standalon curse that Lilith was given leads her to seek quick successes at all times, taking shortcuts and fidgeting when confronted with a lull of activity. Though her other curses can sometimes overshadow the impatience, Lilith hates being kept waiting. This curse feeds into the curse: Anger.
  • Mania: Lilith is cursed with mania- a mental condition that leads her to obsessively focus on projects or ideas for significant periods of time, oftentimes to the conclusion of all else. While this reduces the impact of her impatience curse, it leaves her irritable and sleep-deprived, fueling both her curse of insomnia and anger.
  • Insomnia: Worryingly, insomnia is a curse that leads Lilith to stay awake for far too long- up to several days, if left unchecked. The result of this is her being significantly sleep-deprived, leaving her to make more mistakes on her projects and making her even more emotionally unstable than normal. This way, the curse directly fuels the curse of anger, but thanks to the emotional instability, it can equally easily make her go directly to violence.
  • Anger: Lilith is, by nature, quite irascible and prone to fits of anger, ranging from baleful glares to full-scale tantrums. As an added bonus, the complete activation of this curse significantly boosts her magical ability for a short period of time, allowing her to make her displeasure known to the world. The anger oftentimes makes Lilith forget what she was doing, which in itself is vexing to her, thus completing the circle.
  • Violence: Through a combination of bad parenting and her curse, Lilith is exceptionally prone to resorting to violence to solve problems or express her displeasure when angered. So far, this has primarily been displayed as willingness to physically go after the cause of her anger and attempt to stab or otherwise eviscerate it, with only one example of Lilith using magic on the subject of her ire.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit


As a direct blood relative in a major line, Lilith is naturally related to all other Arens, though usually by several degrees of separation. The most important relatives with little separation to Lilith are:

  • Redclad Aren: Lilith's officially recognized mother, main source of impressions and advice. Redclad has not been heard giving any particular consideration or opinion on Lilith and, in fact, left her on the family manor's doorstep to be someone else's business and problem when she had just turned ten.
  • Morbidia Aren: Generally considered to be Lilith's grandmother, though the two are actually slightly more distant than this. Nevertheless, Lilith is a direct descendant from Morbidia and has a happy, healthy relationship with her ancestor. Morbidia oftentimes refers to Lilith as "My little mooncake".


People who have had a significant impact on Lilith's life, but are not closely enough related to be considered part of her immediate family, are listed here.

  • Envy Aren:
  • Rodney Flint:
  • Maija Aren:
  • Marie Aren:
  • Tesla Aren:
  • Kurcha Aren: cursed Lilith. info pending.


List of important possessions.

  • Octopus plushie
  • Bubble pipe


  • Lilith, by skillset and mental disposition, based significantly off Bonesaw and Panacea from the web serial Worm.
  • The scene where Lilith killed an entire squadron of Varrock guards was originally played out between friends who had nothing to do with the official Misthalin clan. They were informed after the fact, and eventually decided to accept it as canon.
  • Lilith believes in and has schematics for constructing the Red Herring of Ultimate Destruction.
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