Midwyn Ddôlyddanwyd (Midwyn Meadowborn in the common tongue)born 34 Wintumber 129, Fifth Age (approximate Gielinorian time), is an adventurer originating from a realm called Sylfaeron. He is played by Midwyn.


Early lifeEdit

Midwyn was born to the Ddôlyddanwyd family in a quaint lakeside village. His mother, Veriseldë, worked as a herbologist, his father, Faeryn, was an apothecary and his older sister, Aryadil, worked as an assistant to a potions master in the village. As a child, Midwyn showed great talent in the use of Forai magicks; growing small plants instantly and curing diseased growths. At the age of 38, which is near the considered age of maturity for a forai, Midwyn had decided he would become a forest sage and so he left his home to begin his training with the local guardian of the woods, Elder Ërathwr.

Arrival to GielinorEdit

About a year into his training, while on an errand for his master, Midwyn came across a strange dark blue sphere in the woods. As he approached it, the world around him seemed to grow darker and, eventually, began to dissolve before his eyes. The sphere was, in fact, a dimensional rift and when Midwyn realised it, it was already too late. A mystical force pulled him into the rift and he was cast into the abyss and beyond, rocketing him through the universe until he could feel his surroundings taking shape again, just before crash-landing and blacking out.

This article is still a work in progress.

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