I yearn for the times when our family was not weak, when the name Aren rang clear and true and struck terror into the hearts and minds of commoner, noble and magician alike!

–Morbidia Aren

Morbidia Aren
Created by QueenArasene
Age No information
Race Human
Gender Female
Alignment Neutral Evil
Occupation Osteomancer
Status Alive
Morbidia Aren is an Aren mage of mostly forgotten origins. She has spent decades quietly working on her own matters and studies, eventually resurfacing around year 5 of the Sixth Age, perfectly in time to witness and fan the flames for the beginning of the Second Aren Civil War.

She is an extremely skilled bone mage and laid out the foundations for her own faction in this Civil War, a faction that quickly gained the derogatory byname The Rat, after Beatrice Aren's faction in the first Aren Civil War.

As the war progresses, Morbidia has demonstrated her knowledge of arcana and a noticeable amount of foresight. She was the first among the factions to encounter The Corruption and, after only a short amount of time in which its curse took hold on her, was also one of the first to decide that defeating this monstrosity took precedence over winning, or even fighting, the civil war.






The Call in the NorthEdit

The cry of undeath tore her from her studies. It was loud, overbearing and brutal, tearing through the natural order like a knife through flesh, and it called to her. She could feel the blood singing in her veins as the ripples of whatever event passed by her, carrying farther outward into the wide reaches of the world. Morbidia looked at herself and saw an old crone, lost and forgotten by the world. Sure, she had outlived most anyone she'd ever known, but what had the long life brough her thus far? Little, far too little. Face setting in a determined expression, she snatched her stick- the motion long practised and snappy- and made her way to the source of the call. The far northern reaches.

It was an iceberg. Chill wind tore through her robes here, but a true witch could not feel cold and Morbidia was nothing if not one of their numbers. She hobbled, in her typical fashion, forward to the tip of the iceberg where one figure was radiating undeath. Others joined her; some new, some old, none truly worthy. Morbidia expressed her disapproval quietly, all the way up to the peak of the iceberg, where she was confronted by Demyx Aren himself, in the undead flesh. Immediately, she descended to heckle his methods and reasoning, calling out his promise of revenge over the Calderon as petty personal rivalry.

The Skirmish in Seer's VillageEdit

Battle for AspectaEdit

An Undead CorruptionEdit


Though Morbidia's appearance has improved since her first reappearance in the Sixth age, where she resembled little more than a hobbling old crone, she should in no way be considered eye candy. Especially as the corruption spreads over her body, the resemblance of beauty she may once have had is lost, and even the irony straight look she prefers has taken a visible hit, leaving her more dissheveled than usual.


Morbidia's face can be considered a work of art. It is gaunt, like much of her body, and in the right light can be seen to appear downright skeletal, as if the skin and muscle on her face is merely an afterthought added. Lines on her face suggest that if the skin were less tightly stretched across her bones, she would have friendly wrinkles. The most dominating feature in her face are her bright emerald Aren eyes. They have an uncanny sharpness to them and tend to glow mildly whenever Morbidia undertakes any magical activity.

Her mouth is thin and her lips pale; her nose was probably broken at one point but has clearly healed up very well. Over this spectacle grows a shock of deep black hair, another strongly identifying feature of the Aren family. Morbidia keeps her hair free and loose, though moderately well kept. When it is released from whatever hood she might be wearing, it will flow as if washed and brushed regularly, but allowed to gain a natural mess from frequent- and indeed almost constant- activity.

As the corruption spreads, it has marked Morbidia's face with an ugly, dark vein that resembles a crack in her face which spreads from her shoulder upward, passes the cheekbone and ends just above her eyebrow.


From a bodily perspective, Morbidia shows off several of her most defining traits. She is, as expected of a mage, nowhere near peak physical condition and can even appear weak and brittle. Gaunt, bordering on unhealthily thin, unusually pale, she tends to stand bent over the stick that is her weapon of choice. It is very rare to see her venture out without the stick she uses for walking and leaning on, and for most people it seems likely that were it to be taken away, she would most likely fall over.

Morbidia's fingers and hands are notably well kept and very clean, despite her reputation for being a grave digger and necromancer- occupations that frequently sully the hands of their perpetrators. She tends to wear dark or dully colored robes, favoring dark greens, black and grays in her color choice.

The corruption has touched her and clearly put a mark on Morbidia's physique: her right hand and arm are wasting away and turning black, veins carrying the color from her limb to spread around the remainder of her body. At the tips of her right hand, bone is already showing through the thin, stretched skin and it is clear that any movement of the limb must be associated with significant pain.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit


A reasonably prominent member of the Aren family, Morbidia considers herself to be one of, if not the, best osteomancers currently alive. She is an extremely skilled magic user and well versed in several schools even beyond her field, though her speciality is Galethornian magic, especially the path of bone magic. When it comes to a battle of skill in this field, she is extremely strong as long as she can procure or find any piece of bone in her vicinity- and it is known that she is not above abusing her own body in order to provide such. Particularly worrying is the fact that her mastery of bone magic gives her opportunity to attack from any angle, and puts any foe with their bone exposed to her grasp at significant risk. When it comes to raw magical power, Morbidia can step up to several very powerful mages of history, though she knows very well that there are those she cannot hope to best in a battle of raw strength. In fact, she has repeatedly used this knowledge to her advantage by mentally wearing down more powerful enemies and baiting them into using strong abilities with only a miniscule amount of her own power used.

Throughout a number of battles and duels she has displayed a good grasp of battlefield control, able to use attacks toward her to her own advantage and abusing clever positioning to avoid, block or dodge enemy spells. She also appears to have a decent amount of foresight in her strategic choices, evidenced by some of her carefully calculated movements made in order to put her enemies in strategically disadvantageous positions.

Furthermore, Morbidia should be considered an accomplished necromancer and death mage, able to survive in almost any environment and capable of summoning body doubles of herself seemingly at will. She has displayed moderate control over these doubles, though they are clearly used more as distractions than actual weapons. It is presumed that she may be immune to poison as well.


When it comes to powers beyond the battlefield, Morbidia can care for herself quite well. Though she can hardly be considered a master cook, she is capable of providing wholesome meals for an entire family if necessary and has displayed a particular liking to the harvesting of crops.

She should be considered, by virtue of her magical studies, an accomplished wet nurse and doctor, well capable of curing most injuries. Notably, she appears to be at a loss when faced with regular illnesses or poisoning, both ailments that cannot be easily remedied through the fields of her magical aptitude. In addition, Morbidia has a lucky hand when it comes to embroidery.


Morbidia should be considered a clever individual with honest, homicidal moments. She takes great pride in both her name and her profession and choice of magic, going as far as displaying significant distaste when her primary school of magic is confused with necromancy. Most of the time, Morbidia must be considered a cold and calculating person, preferring to sit back and talk instead of diving head-first into combat. Despite this, she is known to be heavily decisive and certainly rather stubborn, willing to go to great lengths to achieve her goal once she has decided on it.

In this manner, for example, she originally used words as a weapon in her first exchanges and skirmishes against Demyx Aren. As she learned more of him, she eventually arrived at a point where she was liable to violently attack him on sight.

Morbidia is a great believer in control and planning, and shows visible hesitation and dislike toward situations she does not believe she could remain in control through. It is evidently rather important to her to showcase that she can overcome not only one, but both of her curses with willpower, restraint and mediation.

Aren CurseEdit

From her father, Morbidia was cursed with violence. Through long years of intimate self-control and spiritualism, she has softened it mildly, but the intensity of the curse remains. It is one of the reasons why she does not believe in violent means to solve problems, as she knows she is liable to run amok and cause wanton destruction once she passes her limit and the curse activates.

Furthermore, and to her great chagrin, Morbidia is cursed with weakness. Aren women are generally accepted as potentially more powerful than their male counterparts, and Morbidia strongly believes she could have been among the strongest mages in her time if not for the curse holding her back.


  • Morbidia's Ravens are called Hugin, Munin, Yalthar, Caecilius, Balthazar, Rapps and Martin.
  • Morbidia possesses a relic called a life weave, a hanging curtain that contains intricate information about the long years of her life.

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