Mother Frosnite
Frosnite reading someone's aura.








Unknown; speculated Seers' Village






Seer, Psychic, traveler




Primary Residence is Eagles' peak, but has a house in Varrock.

Mother Frosnite is a traveling seer played by Kingjohnrocks on World 42. She is 59 and resides in Eagles' Peak. She combats the forces of evil around the world and gives people their fortunes, for free.

Biography Edit

It is unknown where she comes from, it is believed Seers' village. Legends have been told about this woman. It is said she can manipulate fire with her mind (although none of this is confirmed) and that she has helped many people combat evil spirits. Some also claim she's a witch and cursed many people, which are also not confirmed. She is seen wandering  around the slums of Varrock, Falador and sometimes Ardougne.

 Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Terrakenesis: She has the ability to control and do Earth Magic, which would be a line of defense if  she was in battle, due to her frail nature, she is easy to kill.
  • Clairvoyance, the psychic ability to see visions of that which is hidden or far away
  • Levitation: It is suspected she can levitate, as an isolated myth has said an old lady had levitated near Seers' village, although it's not confirmed this was her.
  • Precognition and seer: She has the ability see somethings in the future. However, like any seer, it's quite impossible for her to know everything that occurs in the future. However, she can scope out key things.
  • Telekinesis: She can move objects with telekinesis, as well as grab objects.
  • Telepathy: She has the ability to read thoughts, but not the  ability to read thoughts of other telepaths or people who are strong minded.
  • Aura reading: She can read the auras of someone.

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