Mrs Fabulous is a character played by Kingjohnrocks on World 42. She believes Saradomin is her husband and that she is the human incarnation of Seren. She also thinks she's fabulous because she's wealthy. She's delusional and will kill anyone who disagrees with her. She is a primary resident of Misthalin.


Born: Malissa Saritha Nontha.xShe was born in a wealthy part of Varrock as a baby. At age 10 her hobby was gardening due to the chores her father made her do. She underwent brainwashing by her mother that Saradomin was her father and wanted to marry her, making belief she was a goddess waiting for Lord Saradomin. Not much else is known about her. She resides in Varrock, Misthalin and has a beach house on Karamja.

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