Desert spirit of reward

Also known as

Nehbkut, Meheptet


Desert spirit


Goats, generosity


Tanzanite sceptre and golden whip

Nehebmeken, "The Unsparing", also known by the names of Nehbkut and Meheptet, is a desert spirit associated with generosity and goodwill.

He is played by User:Midwyn.


He is said to take on two forms; a desert goat and a human-like appearance, albeit with green skin and blue horns. He is depicted with a tanzanite sceptre, symbolising his generosity, and a golden whip, symbolising punishment for greed.


Nehebmeken interacts amiably with people around the desert – rewarding pure intentions and honesty with his prized gemstone; the tanzanite. As a patron spirit of the desert goat it is also his duty to protect the animal.


Although the origins of Nehebmeken are unknown some say that he was once a noble pharaoh of Menaphos who was very fond of animals – especially goats. During his reign, the pharaoh supposedly raised goats in his palace in order to better provide his people with milk, food and other necessities. In death he did not move on to the next world, choosing instead ro remain as a guardian spirit to keep bringing prosperity to the desert.

Recent sightingsEdit

More recently he has been known to appear before foreign visitors to Al-Kharid, offering a warm welcome and giving his valued tanzanites to the worthy and the poor.


Nehebmeken's humanoid appearance

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