An ancient mural depiction of Obscurité

This article is about a deceased character who serves as a plot device. He has never appeared in-game.

Dysphilius Acromort Obscurité, born Zhū Yuèliàng (28 Moevyng 3862, Third Age - 17 Ire of Phyrrys 3994, Third Age) was a sorcerer, necromancer and demonologist from the Eastern Lands who specialized in shadow magicks, soul binding and creation of magical artifacts.


Obscurité is said to have created more than a hundred different magical objects, varying in size and use. Only a few are still known to exist today:

Drachyura's MaskEdit

An ancient demon known as Drachyura inhabits this black wooden mask. Obscurité went to great lengths to manage to seal the demon within and nearly died in the process. It was mainly used for torture by the priests of an unknown tribe in hexing rituals. It is sentient by itself and holds tremendous powers, capable of obliterating entire civilizations. Many have sought this cursed mask, hoping to obtain its powers for themselves, but have either gone insane or ended up dead as the mask has the habit of controlling the wearer.

It is currently unknown where the mask is located.

The Carcere Tenebris ArmourEdit

Obscurité is said to have sacrificed his own soul in order to create this corrupted artifact. It is made from the same black metal as the Kinshra armour and looks almost the same, with a few aesthetical exceptions. The armour has the ability to inprison any soul and force it to do a person's bidding (in most cases a necromancer). Once the spirit within has fulfilled its purpose it will be released; cursed to wander the world as a revenant.

The armour was last seen in the Kinshra Storage.

The Pyre of Lloigh-AûtEdit

A stone elevation was said to exist long ago on a tiny isle. Obscurité allegedly defiled it with dark magic and created a fire-based one-way rift to the Infernal Dimensions; in other words, anything (or anyone) set to fire on the stone would be whisked off to never return. A sadistic and handy way to dispose of those who you wish a fate worse than death.

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