The stereotypical roflassassin.

Over time, role-players will notice that a large amount of players, particularly freelancers in Falador, share a lot of common traits with their character. These simple characteristics have been so overused they're considered trends among role-players. Typically these stereotypical characters are made because of their initial guise of either mystery or originality, regardless of how incorrect these impressions are.

Trend listEdit

Western VampyresEdit

Less experienced users complete Myreque quests or read Twilight (and similar pop-fiction vampire stories), then attempt to role-play as a Vampyre past the Salve. Some attempt these in hopes of the Vampyre allure attracting R-rated role-playing content, but they usually turn out to be unsuccessful and unimpressive as well as unpleasant characters.

Black ArmorEdit

The way to be "in style"? Grab yourself a juicy set of Black Armor (L) or Elite Black armor. Alternately, whenever an update is released including outfits (be it in-game, SGS, or SOF), that will be the new outfit trend, the "sexiest" option at the time. For example, this phenomenon was seen with Barrows armor, updated on March 4, 2012.


Most role-players start off as being assassins. They will frequently wear the classic hood and cape and assassin gear, sometimes accompanied by a dagger of some sort, usually the dragon dagger. This is likely the most common trend, and has even been given a name to the newbie role-players that begin role-playing as a stereotypical assassin - roflassassin. This term is used to describe players who are geared up like the stereotypical assassin and frequently autohit. These assassins commonly believe in autohitting for assassins, as assassination is supposed to be done quietly and stealthily, without the target being able to react swiftly enough. This is frowned upon in much of the community. It's speculated that such popularity of assassins in role-play is boosted by the popular video game series Assassin's Creed.


The typical religion for role-players in most cases is Zarosianism. Zaros was once a powerful god, also very mysterious, and his alignment is unknown. He attracts players from all ends of the spectrum, and won favorite god in an official RuneScape poll. This results in many players being followers of Zaros. This has resulted in much imbalance and argument among the community, as Zaros is a forgotten god, and the player is one of few people in lore who even have the existence of the gods confirmed let alone have heard Zaros' name. Very few people should be following Zaros, and the loud-and-proud attitude of the Zarosians pertaining to their religion results in even more argument, as Zarosians would stray from talks of religion. Many Zarosian role-players are lorebreakers, although some have reason to follow Zaros, let alone know of his existence.


Mahjarrat are a race of shapeshifters, and this makes it one of the most attractive races for role-players. They are strong, live for a very long time, are overpowered, and to top it off, they're Zarosian (Although lore states that there are very few Zarosian Mahjarrat left). Mahjarrat in role-play are often assassins, and usually Zarosian over Zamorakian. Mediocre role-players will often use them to godmod out of any situation (I.E. Shape shifting into a bird and flying away from battle). It is very rare to find a suitable mahjarrat role-player in the freelance setting.

Bars, Inns, and TavernsEdit

While role-playing in bars has always been a trend in recent months a mass of bars have sprung up. The first such example was in mid 2011, with the Jolly Boar re-opened as 'The Dragon's Den' ran by Kato and Razia Drakkar. Other examples include the Pick and Lute following the Burthorpe/Taverley overhaul this was run by the Rovin family. Later the transition was to the Jolly Boar Inn run by Cyri. After the Jolly Boar Inn the trend really took off with as many as 5-6 threads devoted to bars alone.


While not as widespread as the Mahjarrat, black armor, and assassin trends a good number of guilds have opened up in recent weeks. The first was the Runecrafting Guild (during this trend) followed by an Alchemist, Thieves, revived Magic Guild, and a few others.


Especially among new roleplayers, it's common to account for a character's biography by claiming he or she doesn't remember what happened past, and often just woke up one day with no memory of a life history. The appeal of this in-character is that it supposedly makes the character more mysterious and troubled, which are often desirable traits. However, this is often considered very poor form, since it is generally used as a lazy cop-out to avoid actually writing a thoughtful life history. This can also come in similar forms, like biographies that claim, "This character doesn't talk about his past much," or, "This character's history is unknown."


Dragons feature in all kinds of historical fantasy settings, whether they be hulking, monstrous antagonists or beloved and fearsome companions. In RuneScape role-play, creating a dragon character is a popular choice. However, many of these dragon characters, unlike those actually featured in RuneScape, are either docile enough that humanoids can keep them as pets and companions without special equipment and training, or are sentient and capable of logic and speech. There are times in world 42 when it is difficult to walk into Falador square without seeing a dragon mask somewhere.


Following the release of the Battle of Lumbridge and Padomenes, role-players began to create icyene characters. These characters often wore white and temple knight armor, in addition to runite Saradominist armor. Many of these characters were spotted in the Rising Sun bar as well as Morytania where some of the characters are noted to have befriended Vampyres. These characters were sometimes not of Saradominist religion, part of the rebellious trait that many role-players give their characters.

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