Raphael Ignis Vaelan is an Icyene character developed two years ago and played by Ryder XV. He is currently in hiatus, no one has seen him in many months for an unknown reason, which may soon be revealed.

Before the God WarsEdit

Raphael the Arch

Artistic rendition of Raphael in battle.

Not much is known about Raphael's personal life.  He was a natural leader, charismatic and powerful.  He was renowned as an Icyenic Hero, a symbol of what all icyene wish to be.  It is said Saradomin himself found favor with him, along with better known icyene like Commander Zilyana, whom Raphael secretly was quite fond of. 

He was well loved by his people and was famed for his power as both a warrior and servant of Saradomin.  He was of the 'nobility' of the icyene society, often hosting public events and military parades for the people.  The crowds would cheer as Raphael flew into the city of Hallowvale, along with his elite warriors in quite a spectacular fashion. The streets of Hallowvale would shine bright in his presence, as his magnificence kindled a fire in the spirits of all Icyene.

The bountiful way of life of the icyene was not meant to last, as news of Zamorak's rebellion against Zaros in the north prompted immediate attention.  Icyene scirmish groups were organized and sent throughout Gielinor to prepare for an imminent attack, Raphael's batallion being one of many.  There was a light sense of panic amongst the people, but also of valor as they looked to Saradomin, who at the time was physically amongst them, to protect them.

A Costly, Bloody WarEdit


Raphael the White

Zamorak did, indeed, invade as expected and war quickly ignited with blood.  Raphael's men were among the first to experience the horrors first hand as they fought along the borders of what was once Zaros' land, holding the dark beasts of Zamorak at bay for many months. Raphael led his men with fierce determination, hacking away at the horde, claiming many victories along the way. Each battle did not come without a cost however, and with every battle, more of his men fell.  Eventually, he could not afford to help hold the northern border and was forced to retreat deeper south into modern day Misthalin/Asgarnia.  

The armies of Zamorak proved relentless, not giving the tiring armies of Saradomin, Armadyl and Seren a moment to breathe. After many decades and centuries of fighting, the armies of Saradomin were in retreat, the elves retreating after sustaining heavy losses behind the great mountains to the west. Raphael's men were dying out as well, forcing him to make the hard decision to return to Hallowvale, whom was quite silent for many years.  Upon returning to Hallowvale, however, he found a land cursed and the great city in ruin.

Icyene North battle

The invasion of Zamorak's legions were held off for many years by Raphael's men.

Many dead icyene laid at him and his men's feet.  The morale of Raphael and the few men left were further crushed when they were ambushed by a scirmish of vampyres and werewolves.  They were able to retreat back toward Misthalin, fighting off the onslaught up to the River Salve. There Raphael's men were slaughtered, Raphael himself being the only one managing to escape. 

Enraged and thirsty for revenge, he joined with the armies sent to look for the 'Godsword', hoping to find it himself so he may slay Drakan and Zamorak himself.  However, this was not meant to be as Guthix descended upon Gielinor, banishing all gods from the realm and sealing all the armies within a great mountain in the north in ice.  Raphael was caught outside that mountain's cave, but was instead frozen and buried in layers of snow and ice on the mountain side.


After an earthquake and slight climate shift occured on the northern mountains over time, Raphael gradually was freed from his icy prison, a process that took centuries.  When Raphael awoke, he found himself in the Fifth Era, in the year 169.  Confused and unaware of his surroundings, Raphael kept to himself, observing human society from afar and rarely interacting with others.

Being the seemingly last icyene in the known world, he fell into a deep state of despair and kept himself out of modern affairs.  He began to question his faith in Saradomin as well, as he was supposed to be an all powerful god who should've been able to save his race.  However, he continued to be devout despite the extinction of his race, paying homage to his lord everyday like in the days of old on a secluded mountain peak, in which a cave housed him.

After a time, he would feel a little more comfortable and visit many monastaries, amusing himself at the godlike nature humans had placed on his race.  This was a very different world, a world without the direct influence of the gods.. but Raphael never forgot about his thirst for revenge..

He went to many libraries and archives after dark to study scrolls about the were-a-bouts of the Godsword and what happened to the crusaders sent to retrieve it.  Finding no information, Raphael eventually gave up his research and instead, pursued a way to somehow fit himself within Human society. However, every time he would show himself, the humans either dropped down and worshipped him as a god, or attempted to kill him.  Only a select few remained in contact with this lone soul.

Now, it is the first year of the Sixth Age, and Raphael descends upon Gielinor wielding the banner of the Star.  War is nearly at hand, and this devout servant is thirsty for the blood that claimed so many of his kin..

The Verus Order of PaladinsEdit

Raphael made contact with the Kandar Paladins to the west, with intentions of guiding these brave men and women to glory for Saradomin.   Upon being welcomed with open arms as an 'Paladin Hero',  Raphael now acts as a 'prophet' of Saradomin, tending to the physical and spiritual needs of the Order.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

His appearance is listed as follows:

  • Snow-white hair: too which he is dubbed, 'The White'
  • 7'1 in height and very muscular, a large wingspan of 16 feet
  • clear complexion, with glowing, bright blue eyes
  • often seen wearing white and gold armour, bearing the symbol of Saradomin

As far as personality, Raphael was once a charming spirit, now an embodiment for vengeance. He is definitely not a being you want to anger as he is quite powerful, wielding a gigantic sword that acts as a conduit for powerful magic (the Saradomin Sword).


Raphael is a very benevolent and powerful being, as he was an icyene commander in the God Wars. (Due to this, he is often only used in special cases in public roleplays, often which that deals with NO combat.)

  • His flight speed is nearly unmatched due to his large wingspan
  • His natural magical ability makes him an deadly caster
  • His physical strength is almost unparralled (has the NEAR strength of a Troll, just to give an illustration.)
  • Being an icyene, he does not 'age', he is an immortal being but he CAN die just like any other icyene from combat.
  • He is one of the few who can fight vyres and vampyres effectively. Vyres have the 'mind-read' ability, but in lore, it is shown icyene seemed to be able to overcome it as they were definitely more than a match for them in the God Wars.

Due to his extremely powerful state, Raphael does not show up for 'petty battles'. If Raphael is seen on the field, it would mean the battle is of great importance in a 'global' sense.

(NOTE: In roleplay, Raphael is purposefully "degraded", to help with balancing.  He is described as being powerful for story purposes, but most will not be implemented for the consideration of others.)

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