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Welcome to the RuneScape Roleplay Wiki! The wiki devoted to Runescape’s Roleplaying community on World 42.

Real World Date: 25 February 2017.

Standard Gielinorian Date: 17 Moevyng, Year 5, Sixth Age.

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Felix Nocte full name Felix Boreas Nocte-Rovin, is a werewolf, elf, and Mahjarrat mix who hails from Northwestern Kandarin, and is currently roleplayed by Eli. He is a master of water, thermal and mental magic. Born into the Nocte Family, Felix was raised among many brothers, sisters, cousins (and so on, and so on), until finally leaving home for the Wizards' Tower and becoming a prominent mage over the years.

Truth is, my family fell apart many years ago. This is no different, but I will make sure that their name is great once more, even if I disgrace myself in doing so.

Arathorn Everric, journal entry #178

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