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Welcom​e to the RuneScape Role-play Wiki! Hello and well met. This is a wiki dedicated to the topic of In-Game RuneScape role-playing on World 42. Here you may create pages for your characters, organizations, items, whatever benefits your roleplay!

Happy Role-playing!

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  • discussion page Quests and lore source
    created by Lor-break 1 minute ago


    A big problem that we seem to have on the wiki here is the lack of sources and the quantity of headcanons. While this in and on itself isn'... 

  • discussion page Talk:Prayer
    new comment by Lor-break 8 minutes ago
    Comment: Forgot to screenie the part where Azzanadra talks about the Barrows Icon but the way prayer seems to work is that it feeds off of Holy Power. A...
  • edit Prayer
    edited by Lor-break 9 minutes ago diff
    Summary: Added screenshots as source and edited the Curses category. Forgot to screenie the part about how the Barrows Icon is filled with holy power.
    Added photos:
  • edit The Silver Wings
    edited by A Wikia contributor 17 minutes ago diff
  • edit Mahjarrat
    edited by Lor-break 1 hour ago diff
    Summary: Quote about Mahj using mind control + source
    Added photo:

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  • discussion page Talk:Magic Armour
    new comment by Werdna457 3 hours ago
    Comment: No, I changed it for the benefit of other people, not naming any Kaboto names.
  • discussion page Talk:Magic Armour
    new comment by Faeyrin 7 hours ago
    Comment: "Bought from others" is fine enough wording for me, but honestly, to not acknowledge the G.E is a pretty big lore break regardless of the game...
  • edit Magic Armour
    edited by Faeyrin 7 hours ago diff
    Summary: Removed transient information again. Please consider rule 5.
  • edit Fulgrash
    edited by Tiddles0536 7 hours ago diff
  • edit Fulgrash
    edited by Tiddles0536 7 hours ago diff
    Summary: The seventh Faladian goblin rebellion: Failure:

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