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Welcome to the RuneScape Roleplay Wiki! The wiki devoted to Runescape’s Roleplaying community on World 42.

Real World Date: 22 February 2018.

Standard Gielinorian Date: 14 Moevyng, Year 6, Sixth Age.

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Citharede abbey

The Guild of Heroes is located on the eastern side of Al Kharid, and backs onto The River Salve. The Guild is an extension of The Heroes' Guild. It accommodates facilities for aspiring heroes to obtain the skills required, along with more frequent questing opportunities, to assist them on their road to becoming a hero.

After being dubbed a hero, the former students are invited to become a member of the guild. If they accept, they will be able to continue their accommodation inside the guild. They will be able to progress their skills, increase their renown, become more recognised throughout Gielinor, and eventually become a legend.

"What is it? Revenge?"-Galethorn Aren

" It is nothing so simple as revenge. A fight to the death with you. Only in that can true peace be achieved."-Diastrom Spero

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