Skervaldr Larsn
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Skervaldr Larsn is a character roleplayed by Westry.


Skervaldr was born in Gunnarsgrunn. Like all boys of his age, he was taught how to hunt and defend himself. In the evenings, after supper, he and the other children would sit by the fire pit and would listen to the tales told by the village elders, many of the stories were about the Motherland, Relleka. These stories of Relleka mesmerized Skervaldr, he desperately wanted to return to the Motherland and to live amongst its people. As he grew older he became more and more curious, he would ask the elders endless amounts of questions, until one day, when he had grown to manhood, they told him to go see for himself. So he gathered his things and set off. The journey from Gunnarsgrunn to Relleka took many months, he passed through many strange towns and cities and crossed over the White Wolf Mountain, but Skervaldr finally made it. When he first arrived he was regarded suspiciously by the citizens of Relleka, they thought he was an outlander, but when he explained that he was from Gunnarsgrunn, he was immediately welcomed to the village, the citizens had as many questions about Gunnarsgrunn as he had about Relleka. In the following weeks, he explored the region, learning about the ancient Fremennik traditions that the Barbarians in Gunnarsgrunn had long forgotten.

After Skervaldr grew accustomed to the way of life, he decided to serve in Relleka's Military. He would often be sent on raids through the troll country and dagganoth raids. On one of his many adventures, he traveled to Canifis along with many of his Fremennik friends. They stayed in the Hair of the Dog Inn. In the middle of the night a small squad of vyres showed up demanding to know why the Fremenniks were there. An argument followed which ended in a battle between the vyres and Fremenniks. During the battle, Skervaldr escorted those who could not fight out of Canifis, and led them to the Boar Inn.

The Revival of AlrekrEdit

After the battle, Skervaldr learned of the death of Alrekr, he and a few others came up with a plan to revive Alrekr, it involved gathering ancestral items of the Fremennik and retrieving Alrekr's body.

The first item an ancient crown that belonged to one of the first Fremennik. Skervaldr and a few other Fremennik traveled deep into the caves to the east of Relleka. In the center of the caves they found an old wizard, who had in his possession, the crown they were looking for. The wizard refused to give the Fremennik warriors the crown, so they engaged him in battle. He gave up a tough fight, but in the end Skervaldr and the others had him cornered. The wizard blocked the Melee attacks, so the Fremenniks began to throw their weapons at him. Many threw their axes and swords, then Skervaldr threw his shield like a discus, the wizard began to glow, then he dissolved. One of the other Fremenniks in the group walked over and retrieved the crown, the first artifact had been claimed.

The other item required was Alrekr's old axe, he had forgot it on Waterbirth during a Daggonoth raid. Skervaldr along with the group of Fremenniks traveled to Waterbirth and engaged the Daggonoths in combat, the battle went on for hours until someone found the axe. The Fremennik group retreated out of the caves and returned to Relleka.

Skervaldr and the others then traveled to Canifis to retrieve Alrekr's body.(This was a VERY long roleplay and I don't want to write it all out) The body was retrieved with no small amount a stealth. And the Fremennik returned to Relleka.

Alrekr was revived some time later, but Skervaldr could not participate in that.

After that, Skervaldr participated in many other small adventures that are unimportant.

The Rovin InvasionEdit

Skervaldr and the entire Fremennik Army waited anxiously for the Rovin Army to arrive, and when they did, the Fremennik Army put up a good fight. (This was also very long and I don't want to write it all out.) By the end of the battle many were lost, and the Rovins had won. It was a sad day.

The Rovin OccupationEdit

Skervaldr attempted to live with the new laws that the Rovins had put in place, but he couldn't take it for long. He traveled to Waterbirth, he lived there in isolation for months.

The Return to GunnarsgrunnEdit

Skervaldr decided that life was too boring living alone in Waterbirth and began to make his way back to his birthplace, the last free Fremennik settlement: Gunnarsgrunn. He tried to make his way stealthily through Relleka, not realizing that the Rovins no longer were resident in Relleka. He met many of his old friends in the center of Relleka and learned that the Rovins were gone but a new empire had it's hold on Relleka: The Polemistis. He learned that they claimed to be Fremennik but had strayed from many of the old traditions. He told the others at he was going to Gunnarsgrunn and they agreed to join him. When they finally arrived, he was overcome with emotion. The group entered the long hall and laughed and drank. It was a good day.

Back to the MotherlandEdit

Skervaldr's stay in Gunnarsgrunn was short, after he revisited all of the places that held memories for him, he decided that life was to boring and decided to leave once more for Relleka after he heard that there was going to be a new leader selected there. He is currently still traveling.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He is 6'2", is very strong, he has very long brown hair and a beard, his armor consists of a spiked pauldron on his left shoulder that is secured by straps that run along his chest but he's otherwise bare chested, he has bear fur pants, a necklace that has a bird's skull on it, a bear fur cape, a pair of standard Fremennik boots, and a jagged two-handed sword from Gunnarsgrunn.

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