"Better to die on the wing rather than pinned to the ground."




5,195 Y




Northern Forinthry




Azul, Dawnwing, Skjall, Vetrimiir, Vul, Ahnakriel, Zahn, Umber, Krii, Arii, Yelzok, Vyz, Tyz, Kyz, Vot'll, Jekkek, Friini, Kyamparr, Zarr


Lawful Evil

Storm, who is also known as Kepesk or Darastrix Viir Tiichi is a Brutal Black Dragon native to the Forinthry along the Northern Sea. Manipulated and utilized as a weapon of war by the Cleeves and Vekonic families of Kandarin, he is recognized as a terror device by most and a legend to few. In the history of post-Russia Kandarin, Storm is written down as the backbone to the empires that rose and fell in the Western world. In recent years, the empires he helped construct have fallen; having fled the old war-torn Kandarin, he once more resides in the depths of the Wilderness where he fights off slayer masters and hunters who seek to kill him in the name of honor. He is aligned to no true god but acknowledges his creators, the Dragonkin as the most divine. Storm is a Lawful Evil character.

History Edit

The God Wars Edit

Year 1,301 of the 3rd Age, Forinthry


Vezin, Storm's most valuable friend.

The armies still raged. The dirt was coated with a mix of thick, crimson blood and ashes. Small, but seemingly self-sufficient fires crackled amongst the fallen bodies clad in red and purple. The air smelled of death, smoke, and cries of terror pierced the skies as people were reaped by cold, bloodied steel. A Gorak smashed into the ashes and blood. It scrambled to get away but a black, three-toed foot slapped down atop its head. The foot tore back and split the blue-colored creature's skull open with its curling, gray claws. Storm shook the flesh from his paw and whipped around, tearing a second Gorak to the ground. He was surrounded, and his companion, Vezin, had fallen. Storm stood over stop of Vezin's weak, broken body; stab wounds riddled the muscular, armored man's body all over. A pool of fresh sanguine blood puddled around him - he was not moving. Still, though, Storm was fighting the odd-looking creatures off. One-by-one, they fell by the swipe of his paw or a powerful bite to their faces.

A thunderous boom violently shook the ground and split the air with the ear-piercing crack of lightning. Storm spun around in the direction of the event, but when his eyes met what stood amongst the dust clouds of the explosion, tunnel vision took over. The brims of his eyesight went black and hazy, and all he saw were the glowing red orbs that were the eyes of a powerful being. A mahjarrat.

Vezin wasn't getting up. Storm already knew his friend's fate once the mahjarrat had come. Despite it, he stood his ground and did not move. A battalion of Zamorakian footsoldiers adorned in thick platemail armor rushed through the thick clouds of smoke around the two glowing orbs. Storm leaped forwards. A flash of blinding white light beamed through the dust and struck Storm on his nose; an explosion of sound split the air infront of him, and once more the ground violently quaked beneath him when he fell to the floor. His body was limp and the footsoldiers moved in with swords, spears and axes to begin maiming him while he was incapacitated. But something strange happened.

The fallen friend behind him made his final move. He had been constructing an orb in the palm of his hand while Storm was fighting off the surrounding forces. Despite how riddled he was with gored wounds, he rolled the solidified magical ball behind the Dragon. Just as the footsoldiers thrust their weapons, the orb tore open into the air and swallowed Storm up. Vezin was gone.

Ardougne Edit

Year 169 of the 5th Age, Ardougne

Wizard Finix was right. Rune essence isn't strictly held to an alter. His fellow wizards and mages had been formulating a way to open a portal to this strange and new realm: the Runespan. The wizards had been trying for days to tear open a portal in the market of Ardougne. After their long, hard work, they did it. A few strange creatures leaped from the event horizon of the portal and waddled about harmlessly. The people of Ardougne gazed in wonder at the new land opened before their eyes. Then they turned to fear.

Storm tore through the portal. A shriek of glee left him as he took flight into the air, but he was soon alarmed as the boom of a cannon split the sky. A lead ball rocketed past him with a woosh. He thought he was back on the battlefield. Another cannon fired, and the lead ball nearly struck him. He started to fly higher, ranging out of the cannon's firing arch. It wasn't long before Cleeves guard poured out of the city. Storm flew South along the coast. Mirrors flashed from sentry towers outside of the city to alert other cities of the Dragon's presence. Battleships in the ocean changed course and directed themselves towards the Tower of Life. Storm landed there, hoping he was safe.

A Flash From the Past Edit

Year 169 of the 5th Age, Tower of Life

They arrived. Storm had been wandering about to take in the scenery, and was now caught off-guard. In every direction around him, a wall of men with spears charged towards him. They had the intent of killing him, and Storm knew that spears could get the job done. Somehow, a man of the Sicarius name, Domovoi Shield-Breaker, leaped from the trees and onto Storm's back. Immediately, Storm took flight.

If not for Domovoi leaping onto his back, the order would've been given for all nearby first-rate battleships to open broadside fire into the sky. The man atop him drew a rope and started to tie it around himself and Storm's spikes. In the meantime, Storm flew about erratically to throw the man from him. A magical force tore into Storm's mind.

"Land.", was all it said. It kept repeating in a monotone level, and Storm refuted the words. He continued to fly at dangerous speeds and heights. He performed movements that would've thrown any normal man from his back, even with a rope tied between them. Eventually, Storm gave in; he was tired. He felt like a horse being tamed, and the man on his back hadn't a clue. Storm landed where he had taken off.

The soldiers did not charge. They did not break ranks to harm him. Storm only cared to look at one man. A powerful man, pulsing with magical strength. A King. The man looked like Vezin. He stood on a rock behind them all. It was Oliver Cleeves.

The Red Rebellion Edit

Year 169 of the 5th Age, The War-Torn City of Ardougne

Oliver had chosen Storm as the hero today. He rode on his back, crimson armor clad to his body. Storm was no longer black; a set of replicated armor in the type of Dragon had been fitted to him. Made of Vekonic Mithril, it was the lightest and hardest material for its mass ever created. The two were helping command the forces of Kandarin against the raging warriors of Agares, a mahjarrat who had attempted to lay claim to the throne. The mahjarrat had pushed to the castle.

Kandar Knights

The forces of Kandarin preparing to fight off the rebellious army.

"Let's go, buddy." Oliver stated before Storm slowly tilted into a nose-dive. They dove at break-neck speeds towards the Sunlit Hall. The mahjarrat had just broken in and was sweeping through the building's floors. Men called for helped over the commbrace around Oliver's wrist, but their frightened voices were cut off, one-by-one. Storm flipped horizontally so that he'd slow, and they clamped down onto the side of the Sunlit Hall. Oliver blasted the wall open, and in Storm went. He ravaged the first floor and left holes in various walls. Agares escaped his jaws, but not for long.

Lolibur Clavez

Oliver after saving Storm.

Oliver blew open the ceiling, and the roof's bricks scattered in all directions. Storm leaped through the hole and started to battle Agares with ten other powerful men of the Kandar armed forces. The King on his back leaped off with his sword, Stormweaver in his hand. Oliver and Agares exchanged blows for a short time, both of them fluid and powerful. A blast of flames rocketed from Agares' mouth, and Oliver rolled out of the way. Storm took the flames to the face, the magical force dissipating against his scales; he lurched onwards and blasted a torrent of fire at the mahjarrat. But like during the God Wars, Storm had made a wrong move against a mahjarrat. The powerful being clapped his hands together, and a bolt of light jaggedly pierced the air and struck Storm along his throat.

His mouth had been open to release the flames. The crack of lightning tore open Storm's throat, and sent him over the side of the castle. Agares flashed away to Witchaven. Panic-stricken, Oliver leaped over the wall and slammed to the ground with a thud. He rushed over to Storm who was quickly bleeding out, and pressed a hand to his wound; blood poured around it, but he kept his hand in place. Lightning-blue arcane tattoos flashed to light along Oliver's body, and his magical aura increased so much that the nearby battlemages passed out from its strength. A magical transfer began.

Storm's body hummed with the power, and he seemed to glow the same color as the tattoos. Slowly and painfully, the flesh and scales of the wound stretched back and reformed into a scar. Only then did Oliver release Storm's throat, and he fell to the ground just as the battlemages had. Storm lay there, unconscious, but holding on to life.

The Fall of Vekonic Kandarin Edit

Year 1 of the 6th Age, Dragonstone Keep


Dragonstone Keep, the last stand of the Vekon Family.

Storm had seen the end of Kandarin growing closer. He foretold what would happen. And before it did, he left. Prince Nero, the sixth son of King Vectis Vekon had attempted to take power. This dull little boy had grown into a bright and powerful young man with the strength of an army in his fingertips. Storm had had enough of fighting off rebellions, and had had enough defending the land. He wanted to see how it would fare without his help. And as if he were the last supporting beam to an iron bridge, when he moved, the bridge fell. Kandarin slowly died and was taken over by another man, King Ausar Dae. Storm did not help. The Vekon family retreated to their last line of defense, Dragonstone Keep, where they have been untouched by the happenings of time. Storm flew off to the Forinthry and has stayed there ever since.

Extra Tid-Bits Edit

  • Oliver Cleeves vanished from existence and Vectis took Storm as his Dragon. He handed him down to Axel Vekon, Vectis's second son.

Storm's watching his chillens.

  • Storm has had several hatchlings with one of his mates, Volbreuler. He has had to kill them before for disobedience.
  • Storm has assisted with two invasions of Asgarnia in the past.
  • A long while ago, Ehrick Elderon, the King of Misthalin attempted to ride him.
  • Storm killed a Kraken during the zombie attack on Ardougne.
  • Storm's first triumph when defending Ardougne was destroying a Dwarven Dragon, an engineering masterpiece developed to destroy cities.
  • He was titled "Lord of the Skies".

Appearance Edit

  • Wingspan: 34ft.
  • Length: 19ft.
  • Height: 8ft.
  • Eye Color: Crimson.
  • Skin Color: Black.
  • Claw/Spike Color: Gray.

Storm is sometimes saddled. When he is, the names of every past rider he has had are inscribed by their own signature in gold print on the back of the saddle. When armored, the metal appears to be Dragon. It is actually carefully-colored Vekonic Mithril. His most notable scar is along the front of his throat. A wing is situated at the end of his tail. Spikes roll from head to tail on his body.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Storm loves chicken.
  • He hates Dragonkin Worshippers.
  • He's totally a queer. Sometimes.
  • Storm likes to play with cats.
  • While I wear an amulet OOCly, it does not mean there is one IC.
  • Storm is fully capable of vocal speech with Common, though he tends to prefer telepathy if the Human is capable.
  • He once went on a rage-induced rampage in Ardougne.
  • Storm owns one of two meteorites that crashed in Kandarin. Star Metal can be forged from an ore inside of it.
  • He once visited the moon.
  • He fought a Dragonkin before because it tried to steal his armor. He nearly died.
  • Storm destroyed a mechanical war tortoise.
  • He helped Brock Avery spy on other industries from the skies.
  • He once saved King Greyson's life.
  • Ivan Aleksey's staff can hypnotize him.
  • Storm was once turned into a human for a month by a witch.
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