Sylfaeron or the Sylfaeron Woodlands is a separate plane of existence consisting of very dense forests. It is the home plane of the Forai race, the only member of which to appear in character is Midwyn Meadowlark.



Most of Sylfaeron is made up by a vast and dense woodland with several rivers, lakes and smaller bodies of water.


Sylfaeron's climate is similar to that of Tirannwn during the summer, with long sunny days and short cold nights but more reminiscent of the Fremmenik Province's polar cold during the winter. Spring and autumn are quite rainy seasons due to the high vegetation of the land.


Sylfaeron is divided into three different provinces, each separated from the others by rivers and lakes.

  • Dendron Province
  • Makorë Province
  • Sycomoria Province


Flora and faunaEdit


Many animals and insects are found here that are unique to the Sylfaeron Woodlands.

Dire Wolves roam the northern part of the country, together with Grizzly Bears. If one should find themselves in their vicinity it is best to take advantage of the high pines and spruce trees that form great part of the north woods. They will not usually prey on the Forai but a few casualities have been known to occur.

In the central areas of Sylfaeron, usually near bodies of water, one may find the impressive but very illusive Brook Horses; mythical creatures with silvery light-blue hair and mane with the ability to run on water at extreme speeds.

Other animals to be found in the forest are Unicorns, Deer, Rabbits, Grenwalls, Pawyas, Kebbits and several kinds of woodland birds.

Along the west coast one may come across tribes of deadly Reef Siren.

The woods host a wide variety of insects, many of which are poisonous.

Plant speciesEdit

Sylfaeron offers a great many species of plants found nowhere else in the world, many which are used in potions and medicine.

Herbs and weedsEdit

Alastorian herb - A basic ingredient in many cures and ailments. It has healing properties capable of lowering fever and preventing infection in open wounds.

Elysian grass - Famously known as the first ingredient to be added when making Draught of Sprouting Life. Also used when treating paralysis, sleeping sickness and poison from Pyredagger Hornets.

Thorny Asphodel - The tiny fruits that grow on this herb are sought for their rich taste and healing properties against hallucinations and hypnosis.

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