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"So...I Heard you liked Grapefruits..."

Thane Nol, aka Thane Krios or Quetzalcoatl Krios, is a male Mahjarrat being who follows Zaros and The Freneskae Creator god still. His full name is Thane Quetzalcoatl Krios Nol, as he chose to be known as Thane after an incident with his family. Publicly, he masquerades as a nonreligious human man named Mikhail Krios and other pseudonyms. Currently he is the Chief-Legate of the Ancient Enclave. Thane is married and poses as 23 years old, although his real age is assumed to be 17,120. He stands at 13'1" in his true form, but shortens himself to 6'2" as a human. At present, this Mahjarrat is alive and is rejuvenated.

Thane chathead draft

Thanes Rejuvnated face


Human formEdit

He has a long claw mark, from a feral Aviansie, across his left cheek and he has black hair.

Mahjarrat formEdit

He has a black gem embedded into his forehead, glowing purple eyes, and serrated teeth. red Mahjarrat face trimmings


As a Mahjarrat born in the Freneskae at the beginning of the first age, Thane was the runt of the litter in his family. When Zaros took over the Mahjarrat, his father, mother, and brothers refused to join Zaros. Feeling outraged, Thane then killed them, but spared his youngest brother, for disobedience to his lord. He befriended the Mahjarrat, Zamorak, Zemourgel, Azzandara, Lucien, and Sliske. He was very loyal to Zaros and was considered "The most faithful Zarosian" by many. Twenty years later, Zamorak betrayed Zaros, shocking Thane, and he tried to kill Zamorak but failed and was horribly weakened. Then he went into hibernation and awoke at the middle of the fourth age, realizing he was the last of his family. He wandered Gielinor for five years then settled somewhere south of Falador in an underground house. In the Fourth Age, Thane founded "The Dominion of United Races," a radical alliance that united almost all races together, but they were considered heavily atheistic. Since they were atheistic, Thane had to secretly worship Zaros and decided to take on the appearance of a male human that was, roughly, age 23 and had black hair. During the Dominion's raid on a Saradominist village, a feral remnant Avanisie, from the Third Age saw Thane, and clawed his left cheek, leaving a claw marked scar. Thane then killed the Avanisie, but never healed the wound to show off his victory. For 30 years, the Dominion ravaged Saradominist and Zamorakian towns, villages, and cities until they both got together and fought the Dominion in a very bloody battle ending, sadly, with the Dominion's defeat. After that battle, Thane and the other council members went into hiding. Thane sprung up, again, in the Fifth Age. He wandered Gielinor for a while, exploring cities until he decided to reunite The Dominion. He got his old friend and comrade, Jovani du Gore, to represent the humans. An elf joined and decided to represent the elves in the Council. They took over Pollnivneach, Nardah, and Sophanem (those cities were unclaimed on 42) and the Dominion was back in business. Soon after they rose back to power, they began destroying any Saradominist cities or towns in the south desert area. Soon, Thane began experimenting on Humans and before that he slowly was driven to slight insanity, having what seems to be a split personality, one being kind, the other mean, savage, and brutal. He began experimenting soon after the Dominion fell a second time, giving birth to the Enclave. Soon the time for a ritual came, so Thane went to the stone early, meeting Kemses. They both spoke for awhile and formed an alliance. When the ritual time came and all the other Mahjarrat came. Soon as suggestions came and a Mahjarrat, named Kisbeth, recommended Thane. This angered Thane, but Kisbeth telepathically spoke to him, doing her best to reassure him saying she doesn't mean it and then they all agreed on one Mahjarrat, but some disagreed, and they all agreed to save him for the next ritual. They all then encircled another Mahjarrat. hauled it to the stone, and Thane was the one to bind her to the stone, having been one of the closest to the stone, and he was finally rejuvenated. Thane and the Dominion tower was later attacked by Thanes old friends Kharak and Kamuriel They outnumbered Thane Kamuriel was very weak since he missed a ritual so Thane gave him 40% and forgave him while Kharak took 20% then took 2% from Kamuriel and gave it to Thane  Kamuriel left Kharak too Thane, Weakened slightly ordered evacuation of the tower as it was breached all hi troops and citizens left the tower via teleportation portal to Thanes massive Underground bunker it has living quarters for civilians and massive troop barracks along with a marketplace the Tower was abandoned and filled with creatures for anyone to beat them the reward would be a less powerful replica of Thanes weapons and armor unenchanted etc of course Thane then took 70% of power from Tarkus leaving him with 15% power left giving Thane all his power back after this Thane went into deep hiding in his secret bunker, taking care of his family. The Bunker is located FAR off the coast of The Elven lands on a far away subcontinent to the North-east. Thane eventually grew tired, and depressed, so he sealed himself in a stasis-like stance within his city being well hidden, the people who know of his location are high-ranking members of his Enclave, leaving his followers with this note "My Friends, and Subjects, I am going to go into a large slumber, for a long time, I am to not be awoken. Unless, I am needed, or... The Great Lord Returns, or just don't wake me at all whatever your moods! farewell! ~Thane Krios."

Animal MagnetismEdit

Thane has an odd liking for animals and has many pets, varying from honey badgers to minotaurs. He has tamed, and trained for minotaurs, many different animals. He also has a dragon, named Fluffy.

The Village (story 1)Edit

Thane and his friend Zamorak were wandering around with a squad of soldiers in the Second Age through the Kharadian Deserts when they heard a cry for help. They saw a Zarosian village being attacked by Desert Pantheon soldiers. They both looked at each other and said "By the great lord!" in disbelief and ran into the fires of the burning village. Thane pulled his custom obsidian longsword from its sheath and Zamorak took out his polearm from his back-sheath that glistened in the sun like his black armour. Thane, his purple-painted steel armour, that looks like present day Rune armour design but platebody is chainmail design, his eyes glowing purple within his helmet slit. Then he, Zamorak, and the soldiers, armed with black armour, Zarosian symbols, and steel longswords, dashed into the village slaughtering many Pantheon worshiping soldiers. Arrows from Thanes troops fell like rain hitting most of the pantheon soldiers' bare heads with blood splattering everywhere. They then charged even further in, and decapitating, crippling, and killing the remaining soldiers. The village was saved and thanked Thane and Zamorak by building them a statue in the town square, which was destroyed during the God Wars.

Lab NotesEdit

~These are a series of notes from Thane's book of recorded experiments, which involves mutating Humans using Magic~


"Hmm... Today I experimented with the human mind... Oh, how easily it's manipulated... What I wish to make are super soldiers... Soldiers who feel no pain, show no mercy, and have no emotions... Experiment was a failure. I pulled a few wrong cords and the subject went ballistic."


"Alright. It seems this subject I'm testing on is doing as I wish... No emotions... However, when I break connection, it goes ballistic... I think that I can make a concoction that will make them stay as I wish them to for a while... with regular doses of course."


"Yes! I've done it! I've created something far better then what I've​ expected! From how it seems, I've corrupted the human with a liquid I used on a spike, apparently by impaling them, it corrupts them or indocrinates them, as I call it. They've lost their memories, however. These are still experiments so I will not send them into any form of battle, since they attack any human in an attempt to eat them. Perhaps I can make a suit to stop that from happening. Here is a list of the enhancements:

  • Thicker skin, which can regenerate in ten minutes regarding the area isn't affected by paralysis.
  • Blue blood.
  • Eyes glow slightly blueish.
  • Rows of insanely sharp teeth.
  • Craving of human flesh, but can be tamed who to attack and who not to attack.
  • From how it looks if someone were to stab the brain they go in a frenzy attacking everything other then other corrupted humans, Indocrinites I shall call them, brain thing, apparently if you stab the brain it severs my control connection.
  • They like the name Indocrinates and wish to be called that permanently.
  • Some seem to have cut out their tongue, for what reason I'm unsure. Possibly to prove loyalty.
  • =====If you stab in certain areas you can paralyze that area of body.=====
  • Ways to kill them: 1) Sever the head; 2) Stab in all five paralyzation points, which causes them to bleed out; and 3) Damage vital organs (heart, liver, stomach, etc.)
  • I've notified them of humans not to attack, by showing scents, etc.
  • They seem to refer to themselves as "They" and "We" and other means of third person description


What an Indocrinite looks like

Here is a brief list of humans they won't attack or try to eat:

  1. Areesia Krios
  2. Layla Krios
  3. Garrus Krios
  4. Any Human Enclave soldier/Civilian

Letter- To Thane From Watch Captain Heinimous (Incident 1074)

Sir, this is your first release of Indocrinites, and I'd like to comment that they are very exceptional! need to fix their....rapid affection towards opposite genders...not saying to make them...queer...just kind of  lower...lets just call it...The mood...because two Indocrinites kind of had (this has been removed for security purposes) in the middle of the market....and they did it pretty -removed- so can you please fix this? thanks!



Indeed I can! I will fix this as soon as possible stay loyal Subject!


*more later*

The Nol'sEdit

In the Fifth Age, Thane Joined a family known as the Nol's. He still uses Krios; however, to him, Nol is more of a title than a name.

Thane armor-less

Thane in His favored Human form


Mahjarrat form clothing --- He will be wearing Steel armor from head to toe
Thane Armor

Thanes Current armor

, with leather on certain areas steel is redesigned

Thane's Freneskae armor and what an Indocrinite's armor looks like.

Thane Tribunal armour

Thanes tribunal armor

Human form, battle clothing --- He will be wearing stolen tribunal armour that shows some resemblance to Void knight armour and The Ancient Shield's Clan Cloak or same as Mahjarrat.

Human form, non battle clothing --- He will be wearing a light brown overcoat, burgundy trousers, and light brown boots.


His weaponry consists of...

  • ...A Katana (its twin in Possession of Valkynez) named "Ice" as It has an Ice-like Enchantment
  • ...a set of very sharp fighting claws named "Shaving knives"
  • ...a gladius steel blade named "CHOP CHOP HAHA."
  • ...a repeating crossbow that goes on back on a shared Sheath.
  • ....The Dominion tower his greatest weapon for if it were attacked and if he is close to losing Thane will destroy all supports collapsing the tower, possibly destroying the entire desert in process (its very large and tall you can see its top from a clan citadel)
  • Magics (i'll probebly make list of spells later etc.

Known Mahjarrat and OpinionEdit


"an idiotic Mahjarrat. He thinks i'm his friend."

"I enjoyed slaughtering him with my son."


"Ah, my ignorant little brother! He's enjoying a cell. his power was useful"

Valkynez Krios

"My older brother, foolish pantheon worshiper! I'm glad I killed him."


"Zamorakian, but respectful, new friend."


"him and that damn dagger dangerous...he must go...."

"made an agreement with him."


"I've seen her at the ritual. Very mysterious."

Kharak Renthos

"dirty turncoat don't ever trust this power hungry creature."

Kamuriel Renthos

"Kharaks brother, weaker then I gave him power out of pity"


"a strange lady...almost dropped me in a citadel wanted the damn dagger Mahjarratbane"


"me and him saw eye to eye on must be destroyed hope hes O.K"


"My son, hes very headstrong and arrogent. Favorite of mine,"


"My other son. knows nothing of magic, hes a brutish one always resorting to that brick-on a stick"

"killed him, I may resurrect him..."

Dimitri Voshan

"Very excellent friend! he revived me after I somehow died!"


"Another ally I split Oktar's power with him"

Known Humans and OpinionEdit

Dion Magnan

"Blue robed man. I heard he and his fellow "Blue Robes" attacked an innocent. They must pay the price."

Layla Krios

"Daughter I found on the street, second favorite of my children"

Garrus Krios

"My Halfbreed son."

Areesia Krios

"My wife, nothing more."


"One of my most devout followers"


  • The Silver Tongued Devil
  • Man-eater
  • Devourer of Humans
  • Razor Tooth
  • Mikhail Krios
  • Monster Of The Desert
  • Scourge Of The Desert
  • Tower Keeper
  • Enslaver Of Man
  • The Archon
  • The Lord Baron Thane
  • Uncle Thane
  • Father Thane
  • Dad
  • Oh Shi- (usually only thing his Human Victims have time to say)
  • 1 guy two guy (referring to his Split personalities one nice one evil and mean but all of them have a hint of "Humor"
  • Commie
  • Slayer of Monarchs
  • Tonvlad Krios
  • Alcohol Belly
  • That Drunk guy..
  • Jason Hakras (an Identity of a great warrior Used by Thane)
  • Nod (shorter name for Archon)


Over the years Thane has received many pets below is a list of them and how he got them.

  • A Dragon named "Fluffy" he trained this black dragon from since it first hatched
  • A Honey Badger named "Killer" he tamed this when he captured it from feldip hills
  • A Minotaur named "Johnny" he raised this creature when he found it in a distant land
  • A Penguin named "Mr.Flippy" he found its egg on an iceberg
  • A Blood Reaver named "Slurpy" it was given to him by nex's army
  • A dog named "Box" he found it
  • A Talking Grapefruit named "Jeffery" it was created using magics, all the thing can really do is talk, see, Hear, and occasionally roll it currently serves as his advisor
  • An Imp named "Little Annihilator" is a former greater demon, bound to Thane and it was turned back into an imp by Thane, Thane keeps it for humor purposes, such as punting it, etc.
  • A Kitten named "fuzzy" he found this too
  • A Fish named "bubbler" he bought it while in human form
  • A (special) Zombie named "general stinky-breath" he raised it from the dead


Whaaat - Copy

Jefferry the talking grapefruit

Krios Family Insignia

Krios Family Insignia

Thane Iron

Thanes armor when hes in a random human form

Indocrinite elite shock troop

Jason Hackras' armor also Indocrinite armor

Thane Battle Uncharged

Thanes normal armor


  • He has the ability to use Ancient Magicks but uses modern in public.
  • In the Fifth Age, he fell in love with a woman and she gave birth to a boy named Garrus.
  • He created the philosophy of Socialism and is rapidly, and publicly, supporting it.
  • He drinks berry flavored Vodka when in his bunker to pass time.
  • He is known to hate Saradomin, Guthix, and Zamorak.
  • He will eat certain humans.
  • The name Thane Krios comes from the Mass Effect series. He is a Drell assassin who is pure awesome, even though this Thane is not an assassin.
  • Thane is short tempered.
  • Thane is usually plotting to get rid of Saradominist, Guthixian and Zamorakian humans and worshipers.
  • Thane sometimes sees visions of his parents, and older brother haunting him, since he killed them all except for his brother Tarkus.
  • Thane was based off Sheogorath from The Elders scrolls, well also me irl (i'm pretty odd/insane)
  • Thane has three personalities one-insane evil mass murdering two-Weird insane odd and crazy  or whatever three-his normal original personality
  • The personalities aren't diffrent person just emotions etc
  • all three personalities talk in Thanes head freely ex- Evil-KILL THEM ALL! Crazy weird-No! Give THEM CHEESE AND RIBCAGES! Normal Thane- SHUT THE HELL UP YOU TWO!

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