The Adventurer is the term role-players and role-playing characters use to refer to the character everyone plays in the normal game. This is the person who completed all the events in quests (like releasing Azzanadra and killing the Pest Queen) and is the owner of all unique items like the Godsword or the Ring of Charos. For obvious reasons, many characters are confused about the gender of The Adventurer.

The Adventurer in Role-PlayEdit

It's a very frowned upon practice for a player to claim that his/her character was the individual who performed critical events in quests - should people frequently engage in this practice, then there would be seventeen characters in one city who all single-handedly retrieved Arrav's heart and blew up King Tyras. Claiming to have performed acts completed by The Adventurer is no more fair than claiming to be King Baxtorian or Lord Drakan himself.

It is accepted, however, for a particularly enterprising, daring character to claim to have met The Adventurer or have helped in an event. For example, if a void knight claimed to be one of the men who helped The Adventurer defeat the pest queen, it would be a legitimate character description. Essentially, The Adventurer would be treated as any other notable NPC in the game like the Signature Heroes, Dionysius, or Wizard Traiborne.


There are many instruments, tools, and weapons in the live game that are known to be one-of-a-kind. The godsword is a prime example of such an item, since it's a mythical weapon is known to be the only of its breed to exist. Because The Adventurer is capable of acquiring such items (and usually does, too), the standard approach is to assume, "Since The Adventurer has this item, and only one exists, my character cannot also have this item." Unfortunately, this does mean that Little Suzy can't own a godsword.

The following is a list of common items that receive this treatment. If you notice something missing, please contribute.


  • Armadyl battlestaff
  • Armadyl crossbow
  • Ascension crossbow (main-hand and off-hand)
  • Balmung
  • Caitlin's Staff
  • Drygore weapons
  • Eek
  • Excalibur/Enhanced excalibur
  • Gadderhammer
  • Godsword (any shards or hilt)
  • Iban's Staff
  • Kayle's chargebow
  • Korasi's sword
  • Lucky cutlass
  • Pharaoh's sceptre
  • (Gentlemen Mallard's) Rapier
  • Reese's sword
  • Royal crossbow
  • Sceptre of the gods
  • Seismic Singularity
  • Silver/Darklight
  • Seismic Wand
  • Superior Kyzaj
  • Uraeus (Apep's axe)
  • Zanik's Crossbow
  • Zaryte bow
  • Vengeful Kiteshield
  • Merciless Kiteshield
  • Malevolent Kiteshield


  • Apmeken mask
  • Aten (Heru's shield)
  • Completionist cape
  • Dragon rider boots
  • Dragon rider gloves
  • Helm of Neitiznot
  • Helm of Trials
  • Juna's, Azzanadra's, or Zilyana's gift
  • Relic Helm
  • Scabaras mask
  • Ancient Warrior Armour
    • Morrigan
    • Statius
    • Vesta
    • Zuriel
  • Barrows Armour
    • Ahrim
    • Dharok
    • Guthan
    • Karil
    • Torag
    • Verac
    • Akrisae
  • Nex Armour (Original Sets)
    • Pernix
    • Torva
    • Virtus


  • Book of Char
  • Frozen key
  • Holy Cithara
  • Jennica's Ring
  • Ring of Charos
  • Sixth-Age circuit
  • Most other books found in-game (from quests)
  • The Measure (Elder Artifact)
  • Tokkul-Zo
  • Possibly the Crystal Triskelion keys

Accepted LoreEdit

This section addresses details about The Adventuer that have been confirmed as lore.

The Adventurer:

  • Was born during the 5th Age, at least 18 years prior to the year 169.
  • Is a young adult human.
  • Knew his/her parents.
  • Has a brother, a grandmother and an aunt.
  • Hates cabbages.
  • Is ambidextrous, but right-hand dominated.
  • Received basic education.
  • Dreamed of the career as an adventurer since his/her childhood.
  • Started his/her career during the year 169.
  • Has a great destiny on his/her shoulders.
  • Visited Ashdale and lived there once.
  • Family does not have their own cres

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