The King of the Rising Sun is a humorous character roleplayed by Westry. Please, do not take him seriously.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He has muscles bigger then those of the Mighty Alrekr. He has glowing eyes that change color every once and awhile. He was glowing Icyene wings that disappear after 30 minutes. He is also 8 feet tall.

Facts of the KingEdit

  • He is married to Emily the barmaid. They are the invincible couple.
  • He owns a full set of dragon armor that is painted grey. Or so he says...
  • He is the king of the Rising Sun. Or So He Says...
  • He is a Mahjarrat, a Vampyre, an Ourg, a Icyene, a Werewolf, and a Dragon Rider. OR SO HE SAYS...
  • He has the Godsword and the Sword of Edicts. OR SO HE SAYS!!!
  • He killed Elvarg. 'OR SO HE SAYS!!!!!!!!'

(Still in progress. OR SO HE SAYS!)

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