We live, we learn, we die. To progress in life we shall dedicate ourselves to reach for the stars, only then can our work truly be great.

–An ancient textbook found in the oldest depths of the Philosopher's library, dedicated to an old Guildmaster.



A picture of the Guild during the morning hours.

The time we spend in our life goes both quickly, and quietly. We cease caring about the world around us, waiting and watching as life rolls on, each great moment turned to hazy memories, each heroic figure crumbled to dust. This is the reason we learn; the reason we teach the lessons of life; the reason we evolve through the ages; the reason we make ourselves stronger and progress further and further into the future ages of Gielinor.

Welcome to the Philosopher's Guild. All here are welcome, with no threat of prejudice or discrimination.

All the Guild Heads ask is you bring a passion to learn, a willingness to study and an ever growing desperation to add to the knowledge of the human race.




Herblore & HealingEdit


History, Religon, & racesEdit


Aplication Of Magic ( AOM )Edit





  1. Respect the teacher and you will be given the same respect
  2. All words given by the teacher are FINAL!
  3. If there are ANY problems talk to your teacher about it

Class DescriptionsEdit


The art of invoking, the ability to draw power from the nature around you and create something of equal or lesser value to help you continue activities or further yourself, both physically and mentally. The larger the familiar the more energy is used to summon it.

Herblore & healingEdit

Teaching you the basic and advanced medical uses of herbs to cure poisons and heal wounds by both magical and physical means.

History, Religion, & RaceEdit

Studies on events dating back to as far as records can show and be traced for examination.

Application Of MagicEdit

The basic study of Elemental and Lunar Magics for practical Non Combative uses.


Free talk about whats going on in current events.


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