This Character was created by Liam the Big, for use is a future public story arc called: Blades of the Ancients .
The Smith of Ages
Smith of Ages Young
The Smith of Ages, working his forge.


Unknown (Assumed Human)


Very old (Seemingly Timeless)




Unknown (Assumed Alive)

The SwordsEdit

The Smith of Ages is referenced countless times in Third age literature. All references to him state that he worked his forge, located east of Relleka, throughout the entirety of the Godwars. Countless swords, armors, jewlery items, and even tools are attributed to the smith. There are four blades seemingly stated by name however. Baltrngeer, Flakzngrett, Torvandov, and Maluktreen. These swords are referenced countless times, by name, throughout many many texts. They seem to each have strange powers, however, what exactly they are is unknown, if they existed at all.

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