The Stoker Ring

The Stoker Ring is an ancient artifact from the beginning of the Stoker Family's history, detailed below.


The Stoker Ring was said to have been owned by Lord Oberon Stoker, the first known Stoker in Gielinoran history. It was dwarven in design given to Oberon by Ulfric Sword-arm, a skilled smith, and enchanted by the most powerful monks and mages of the time. Its current whereabouts are unknown, said to be hidden in the place of Oberon's birth; the present day Seers Village.

Properties of the Ring

  • Force-Shield
    • Shield appears from the ring's center
    • The Shield may block attacks from almost any type of weapon exept for that of a cannon-type projectile.
    • If the enemy is a troll, mahjarrat, or any other type of immensely strong being, they will be able to deactivate it by wailing on it for two and a half to five minutes
    • May reflect magical attacks
    • May defend against ranged attacks(other than use of cannonballs)

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