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    Closed for clarity purposes: contributions to this thread may only be done in an official capacity by the admin team. For discussion concerning the featured articles, please join us on discord or create a new forum thread!
    20:57, March 1, 2017

    Our wikia featured articles are prominient articles that have attracted high traffic during the past month. The types of pages that are eligible to be featured are:

    * Character pages
    * Faction/Group/Clan/Family pages

    A few articles are excluded from being eligible for feature such as the front page, the Common Rules of Roleplay, the Werewolf Pack Rankings & the Mary Sue Test. The reason for this is due to high amounts of non-community traffic constantly bumping these pages.

    With the rework of the featured articles system, we hope to promote and encourage users to continue creating quality content. We look forward to your contributions!

    The Staff Team


    1 A featured article is not voted on, it is simply the article that has gleaned the highest trafic for the month.
    1.1 A featured article may be removed if users engaged in foul play to bump it to the top.
    1.2 A featured article may be removed upon author request at any given time. In that situation, the second most viewed article of the month will take its place.
    2 The same article cannot be featured for two months in a row.
    3 The list of pages that are not eligible to be featured is subject to change. If another page needs to be added to that list, there will be a post in this thread detailing why that page is not eligible to be featured.

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