• As everyone is probably now aware, we’re in the middle of a major rework of the entire wiki: Starting with our aesthetics and front page, we’re now moving into the large job of organisational work and content quality. So today we have begun the consultation stage of the largest part of the content quality: Reworking City Histories.

    The “History of…” pages for the major towns and cities are arguably some of our most precious pieces of content, documenting years of fascinating, and arguably controversial periods of roleplay. But today they lie in an aged, shambolic mess that cannot be tolerated any longer. Something has to be done.

    So, our plan is to archive these pages. They will NOT be deleted. They will moved to a new location and locked to preserve them. Their original places with be replaced with a new format, including a template and a set of standards we will expect to be kept.

    You can view our current example for the rework here.

    We want your feedback on it, since we need your backing here to make it work for everyone. Do you think something needs improvement? Do you think it needs more content? Is it something you would be happy to contribute to?

    Please comment down below your thoughts, or join the discussion on the RSRP Wiki Discord's suggestion channel.

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