Gods, mark my words – I am the dragon whose flames shall lay you and your pious armies to waste!

–– Vladiyad upon his awakening.

Lord Vladiyad I Draculesti
Depiction of Vladiyad found in the Book of Draculesti, late Third Age


Date Unknown, Vampyrium


Year One of The Sixth Age, Morytania




House Draculesti

Lord Vladiyad I Draculesti, also known as the Dragon, was an elder vampyre. He was the founding father of House Draculesti.

He was played by Midwyn.



Vladiyad Chathead Humanoid
In his humanoid form, Vladiyad was a tall and muscle-bound man, standing at a height of 6'5. He had a thin, crooked nose and pointy ears with bat-like features. His eyes were a brownish red colour, shifting to bright red when fully rejuvenated and his dark brown hair was usually kept long. He also sported a small half goatee.

When weakened, Vladiyad became much thinner and wrinkled. His irises turned white and his hair colour shifted to a pale grey.

His choices in clothing varied, but he was often seen wearing fine robes with ornaments in red, black and gold.


Vladiyad Chathead Full
As Vladiyad shifted into his vyre form he lost his muscularity to allow for an even greater height, without gaining any weight. His skin hardened and turned leathery to the touch as it gained a dark red colour. His eyes shone with an even deeper, blood-red hue.

The robes he wore as a vyre were similar to what most vyrelords and vyreladies wear, with a slightly more regal touch in the form of gold and red ornaments, much like his human clothing.

(Thanks to Lothorian Foryx for making the icons.)


Though ruthless as he was, Vladiyad was considered quite well-mannered for a vampyre. It was rare to see him lose his temper; his calm demeanor seemingly only yielded when he was overly insulted or, even worse, taunted about his past. Still, unlike most vampyres, he did not usually resort to violence when angered, at least not immediately, preferring instead to verbally intimidate his opponent.

Vladiyad was rather narcissistic and considered himself superior to most others, with a few exceptions such as close family and loyal allies, whom he more or less saw as equals. He had a flair for the dramatic and was often found reminiscing about his many victories and accomplishments, which were often quite exaggerated retellings of what may have actually happened.

Moreover, Vladiyad was also a charismatic speaker; a skill which was put to good use several times in political discussions when diplomatic competence was required.


Early LifeEdit

The origins of the vampyric race remain a mystery and thus information about Vladiyad's early life and age is scarce. The first accounts of his existence date back to the early Second Age, around the time of Lowerniel Vergidiyad Drakan's arrival to Gielinor. Vladiyad is said to have been one of the earliest vampyre settlers, together with his wife, their children and several other descendants, including his great-grandson Alucard.

Second AgeEdit

Vladiyad, like all vampyres in Gielinor, served Zaros throughout most of the Second Age.

However, when the Empty Lord turned his attention to the war with the Kharidian Empire, Vladiyad became involved with Lowerniel Vergidiyad Drakan and his plans to aid the mahjarrat Zamorak, who intended to overthrow their lord.

Third AgeEdit

Zaros was defeated by Zamorak and soon the God Wars began. To show Drakan his gratitude for his assistance in the downfall of the Zarosian empire, the newly risen god allowed him to invade Hallowland. Vladiyad was chosen to lead a small division of recently turned vampyre juveniles and initiated juvinates.

Depiction of Vladiyad (to the left) found in the Book of Draculesti, early Third Age.



Portrait of Vladiyad clad in dragon armour, late Third Age.

As the vampyres marched towards Hallowland under Drakan's command, Vladiyad led his division on another route. Their mission was to approach the holy land from the north and strike by surprise. However, news of this plan had leaked to the Saradominists and the relatively small team was outnumbered near Daemonheim.

Vladiyad, though a formidable foe, was overpowered by the many Saradominist warpriests. Intended both as a mockery and warning to other vampyres, he was chained up inside silver coffin and sealed away deep within Daemonheim. Weakened, betrayed and interred underground, Vladiyad's name and fate would soon be forgotten as the war on the surface raged on.

Fifth AgeEdit


In the year 169 of the Fifth Age a strange power was unleashed within Daemonheim, breaking the seal on Vladiyad's coffin and waking him in the process. Of course, due to his long confinement, he was incredibly weak and mentally unstable with thirst for blood. Unable to remember anything or think straight, he wandered aimlessly around the dungeons for some time, until the arrival of the Fremmenik.

Massacre at DaemonheimEdit

What followed was a bloody massacre as Vladiyad went on a rampage, preying on the recently arrived explorers who, of course, were completely unprepared for a vampyre attack. With each swallow of blood, he felt his strength slowly return to him, together with the memories of the events that had led to his imprisonment, further fuelling his wrath. Eventually, having slaughtered hundreds of warriors and adventurers, the vyrelord felt strong enough to assume his fearful vyre form.

Vladiyad cloaked himself in a sphere of blood, transforming himself into the monstruous winged creature whose blood-red skin and murderous gaze had not been seen by the world in over a millennia.

With a furious roar, so loud that it seemingly shook the walls, Vladiyad took flight and burst through floor after floor, breaking thick layers of bricks and stone as he tore through with unholy strength. On the surface, dozens of Fremmenik warriors already stood prepared, but were taken by surprise as he shot through the ground like a cannonball, even grabbing one of them in the process.

Suspended high in mid air, Vladiyad looked down and saw the tiny humans below him. They were angrily shouting all manners of curses at him and even a few arrows were shot, though of course they missed. He then turned his attention to the poor young man he was holding by the neck, lifting him so he could see him better. As he gazed deeply into his eyes he could not only see his fear – he could feel it. He could hear it, even. The boy's incoherent and desperate thoughts blissfully filled Vladiyad's ears and mind like music. But the lad's suffering was brought to a swift end as the almost ecstatic vyrelord finally sank his teeth into his neck and drained him of what little life was left in him, releasing him from his grip and letting him drop to the ground where his brethren now stood in awe.

Vladiyad screeched one last time – so loud, some say, it was heard all the way to Varrock – before he took off south and headed for Morytania.

Arrival in MorytaniaEdit

Upon his arrival in the land which he had last known as Hallowland, he found it had long been under vampyric rule. He also learned, much to his grief, that his wife, children and most original members of his coven had perished in the God Wars. He himself had been thought dead by the few who still remembered him and the position he once had within the upper class was long since gone.

Vladiyad, who had hoped to return to a family and perhaps even his own land, was consumed by rage and, shouting to the skies, directly blamed the gods and their selfishness for his misfortune. He swore that he would make them pay, that he would elevate the vampyre race under Lord Drakan and make the world cower in fear of the names Drakan and Draculesti.

The old vyrelord would later be reunited the few surviving members of his coven; amongst those was Alucard, his great-grandson, who had ensured the continuity of the bloodline. Despite their initial distrust towards one another, they eventually came to respect one another through their mutual hunger for power and, in Vladiyad's case, revenge. With time he also grew quite fond of one of the coven's younger members; Allisa, whom he would come to consider his surrogate daughter.

Sixth AgeEdit

Guthix's death at the hands of the Mahjarrat Sliske plunged the world into a new age with gods walking amongst mortals once again. Their divine presence stirred both wrath and eagerness in Vladiyad; he would soon have the chance to pursue his goal and meet the gods on the battlefield. But there was still one thing that prevented him from doing so – one rather large, impenetrable and highly inconvenient force; the Salve.


Vladiyad had spent several months doing little but wandering around his great-granddaugther Allisa's quarters, his fury constantly growing as he immersed himself in studying the years gone by which he hadn't experienced during his slumber. However, one day Allisa had simply vanished and it later turned out she had been kidnapped by her own sister, Ellenora. Enfuriated, Vladiyad joined a band of united vampyres determined to rescue Allisa. He insisted that the others didn't intervene and faced Ellenora alone, who was carrying a powerful vampyre-killing dagger, in a fiery duel. Though he fought formidably, he made a fatal mistake as he lunged at Ellenora with his chest exposed. By the time he'd realised his mistake it was too late. She stabbed him in the chest twice and then buried the dagger in his throat. Though Vladiyad's vocal chords had been sliced, he still managed to utter one last sentence; "Allisa... forgive me. Vermilla (his late wife)... now... I join you...". As the red glow in his eyes faded and blood sprayed out from his wounds, Vladiyad ceased to breathe and soon upon turning to stone, his remains crumbled and scattered on the ground – the Dragon was no more.

As would later be revealed to those present, Ellenora had both kidnapped Allisa and murdered Vladiyad under the command of Caligulea Draculesti, Vladiyad's previously unknown bastard daughter. Celebrating what she saw as a successful rebellion against her father's ruined house, she proclaimed the end of House Draculea and the beggining of a new House, a new and purer Bloodline – the New House Draculesti.

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