Death is nothing to these beasts. For them to be bound, however, is a fate far worse. Eternal servitude will be his punishment for his crime.

–Dour to Ozzir, regarding the Rais'ax.

Zachariah Dour


1/2 Human, 1/4 Elf, 1/4 Mahjarrat










Neutral Good (Sometimes seen as Chaotic Good)

Zachariah Dour (born Zack Aren) is an extremely old and powerful wizard, specialising in Demonology. He is the eldest child of Aiden Aren and Ellenore Lucilla Sicarius, making him the older sibling to Evelyn Aren and Tobias Aren. Due to his heritage, Dour recieved a great deal of magical training throughout his life, which he has used for a great many different things, from slaying Void Pests, to summoning and binding demons, and even going as far as to use it to combat Vampyres. For a time, he held the prestigious position of Archmage in the Wizards' Tower, though the eventual loss of both a close friend and his son resulted in him resigning from the position. His current wherabouts and situation are unknown, though many have their theories on what became of old Dour.

He was played by Kieran.


Dour's most notable feature, as with most wizards of his age, is a long and well cared for beard. Though in his younger years he sported jet black hair, time eventually took its toll and drained the colour, leaving him with a head and face of snow white hair. While that atop his head used to be shoulder length, recently Dour has begun to go bald on top. Like his sister, Zach was born heterochromatic, one eye being the typical emerald green that comes with his Aren blood, the other a light violet. At some point during his mid 20's however, Dour had a fellow mage utilise makeover magic to make both of his eyes appear hazel. Due to his heratige, his ears are slightly pointed, which as with his eyes, was changed during his mid 20's.

Height wise, Zachariah stands around 5'11. For a man his age, he's rather stocky, and would most certainly be able to put up a fair fight in physical combat, were it not for the limp he constantly walked with due to an injury sustained to his right leg. His aged body is covered in scars, though these are mostly covered by robes. As his taken surname and moniker would suggest, Dour is often seen with a disapproving frown on his face.


The troubling events of Zack's childhood left him with a superiority complex and a violent temper. He had to be better than everyone, especially his siblings, despite truly feeling like he wasn't. The main causes of this were seeing his mother "die" as a child, and then said mother returning and abusing both Zach and his siblings. Due to a strong want to protect her, the one person Zack never took his anger out on was his sister, Evelyn. His brother Toby however, was a different story, and the pair got into a great many fights as a result.

As he became a man and a Void Knight both, Zack eventually overcame these severe personality defects, which is when he changed his name to Zachariah Dour, to honour the Commodore who'd given him a second chance. He very quickly developed a strong sense of right and wrong after this, becomming a firm believer in punishing those who do great wrongs. This sense of justice has, at times, made people believe him to be Armadylean. Despite this, his work often crosses over into areas that many would consider wrong, though the ends justify the means, at least in Dour's eyes. Serious to a fault, he doesn't tolerate joking around or slacking off when it's not the time for such things, which it rarely is. Often refered to as stubborn, Zach will work tirelessly to see his his wants fufilled regardless of what it takes, even when told such feats are impossible.



Zachariah's area of expertice, the study of demons and all things related, the art of summoning, controlling and binding. He's most certainly confident enough to believe that no mortal being alive is as knowledgable on the subject as he is. Dour briefly studdied demons as a young boy, though these studies were put on hold during his time in the Void Knights. When he later moved to the Wizards' Tower, he picked back up where he left off.

Through multiple different deals made with many different demons, Zach came into posession of the true name of one of the beings. He was quick to bind the creature to a tome, and it was forced to splay its knowledge of its own kind across the pages. With this, Dour knew just about everything there was to know about demons, including the true names of a great many of them. With this knowledge and power, he eventually began to develop his own techniques for harnessing the unique energies of both Infernus and the creatures that inhabited it, such as infusing equipment with the very hellfire that coats Infernus, or using the strength of demons to enhance his own, even if only for a period of time. Due to his skill in the field, many of his posessions have a demon bound to them.


Due to the inherrent dangers of dabbling with demons, Zach took the time to learn how to use wards effectively, just incase something were to go amiss. He's fully capable of casting wards to bind beings in place, to prevent the entrance of specific races or people to the warded area, and also of conjuring shielding wards to prevent damage to both people and property.

Elemental MagicEdit

As with most mages, Zach began his study of magic with the basic elemental spells. Over decades of repeated use, he's honed his skill
with all four elements, and is perfectly capable of high power elemental spells. He is, however, more skilled with earth than any of the other elements, partially due to his fondness of it as a young adult. His preferred method of combat in his younger years involved hand-to-hand brawling, and enhancing his attacks with stone and earth.


Basic enchantments are also a part of Zach's arsenal. He's capable of enchanting items to allow teleportation, and to allow them to aid in the casting of magic. He's also capable of enchanting objects so that he always knows of their exact location, and has previously enchanted vials so that he could track a person, if that persons blood was inside the vial.


Though he never utilizes druidic summoning, Dour learnt the basics from Ozzir to aid in his Demonology research, trying to draw connections between demonic summoning and bringing forth spirits from the spirit plane.

Blood MagicEdit

Dour's knowledge of blood magic is extremely limited, as is his use of it. Aside from minor amounts of practice, the only time he's used it
was in conjunction with his enchantments, to create vials that could track people or beasts, provided their blood was inside.


Dour is more than capable of teleportation, casting the spells like second nature. He's also capable of basic telepathy and telekinesis.

While these are the only forms of magic that Dour uses, he has knowledge of a great deal more, including Chronomancy. However, he either refuses to use the magic, or is simply unable to.


Melee CombatEdit

Throughout his youth and into his early adult years, Dour practiced two different forms of close combat. The first was simple hand-to-hand fighting, and the other utilized both mace and magic, as many Void Knights opt to do. This left him fairly proficient in close combat, though time and multiple injuries have taken their toll on his body, and the old man is now almost incapable of melee fighting. When he's utilizing his demon-bound equipment however, the story is much different, and he is capable of moving and brawling asif he'd never aged a day over twenty. Once the dust settles however, he feels the effects of the entire fight greatly amplified, usually leaving the old man in sheer agony, if not completely unconcious, even were he to not take a single blow. Because of this, he avoids melee combat whenever possible.

First AidEdit

Time spent on the streets and fighting the Void Pests gave Dour some basic first aid knowledge, with him being able to stitch and wrap wounds,
splint basic breaks, and reset fractured bones to be splinted.


  • Common - Perfect - Having spent his entire life in the West, Dour's quite obviously capable of speaking common.
  • Infernal - Very fluent - With all of his research into demons, and with the "Infernus in libro" in his posession, Zach is more than able to hold a full conversation in Infernal.
  • Elven - Proficient - Though he's quite capable when it comes to reading and writing in the Elven language, as with most humans, Dour struggles with speaking the language fluently due to the speed it is spoken at.


Dour has multiple books, all of which can be found in the Wizards' Tower library. They are as follows;

  • Demonic 101, How to Avoid Possession
  • Demonslayer: The Tale of Rupert Carling by Zachariah Dour
  • Pests and Demons, are they related?
  • All You Need to Know About Avernics


Infernus in libroEdit

Translated as 'hell in a book', also refered to as the Demonicon de Infernus, this book is Dour's most prized posession. Once a simple blank tome, Dour bound the demon Seer'thriax to the book, and forced the demon to display all of its knowledge of demonkind across the pages. He made a hand-written copy, which was handed to his apprentice, Arjen. The only immediately odd thing about the book is the faint heat it radiates, and a slight red glow that creeps from between the pages.


An Elderwood staff, topped with three prongs made of demon horn. At the center sits an orb that houses the demon Rais'ax. This is Dour's primary staff, and never leaves his person. (I.G representation is the Dominion Staff.)

Void Knight Robes & MaceEdit

Dour's only memento from his time as a Void Knight. The robes are fairly standard, aside from the fact they lack any armour on the arms. The mace was heavily modified, having a staff-length shaft, a larger crystal and larger spikes at the head, enabling it to be used like a staff or polearm rather than a mace.

Family & FriendsEdit


Aiden Aren  - Deceased - "Rest in peace, away from her."

Zach's father. Aiden died when Zach was young, leaving him with few, if any, memories of his father.

Ellenore Sicarius - Unknown - "One day, when I'm older, I'll kill you. That, I promise."

Zach's abusive bitch of a mother, in his words. While she was a fine mother for the first few years of her childrens life, Ellenore's eventual death and revival as an undead lich left her a terrible, abusive person. Though Zack and his siblings were moved around often so she couldn't find them, she very often did, and spent a great deal of time abusing them both physically and mentally. When they were older, Zack and his sister Evelyn tracked her down and fought her. Unfortunately, Zack was knocked unconcious and doesn't remember the outcome of the battle.

Evelyn Aren - Alive - "Nobody will know we're missing."

Zach's younger sister. The only person Dour cared about as a child, aside from himself. He did his best to protect his little sister from their mother. The pair were close, and often got into trouble together for sneaking out of Aspera Tower or other such things. During one such 'adventure', the pair found hidden tunnels under the tower, where the frozen bones of Thorvald Souleater were being kept. The last time they met, the duo fought their mother together.

Tobias Aren - Unknown - "You're good for absolutely nothing."

Zach's younger brother. Believing that Toby was useless and would never be able to help protect their sister, Zack took out his anger on his brother. The pair fought constantly, both of them often recieving broken bones or other injuries as a result. The last time they were together, Toby won the fight and left Zack bloody under a tree near the Wizards' Tower, at the age of 13. For a long time, Dour has wanted to reconcile things with his brother, but was never able to find him.

Annabella Aralyn Renderra-Nocte - Alive - "The punishment for you and Ahkran will be simple. You will both wear these bracers for a week. They will keep you apart at all times."

Zach's niece, Evelyn's daughter. The entire time she was a student at the Wizards' Tower, Anna had no idea of Zach's identity as her uncle. Knowing who she was, he made sure he kept an eye on her, ensuring she didn't die doing something stupid, and that nobody lead her down a dark path.

Icara Dour - Deceased - "I do."

Zach's wife. The pair during the Zach's first days at the Wizards' Tower, and were nearly inseperable. Though she didn't always approve of his work, she knew he'd never use anything relating to it for the wrong reasons. Unfortunately, her death came as a result of usage of said work.

Nareik Dour - Deceased -  "My son...My only son.."

Zach's son. Though Nareik was stillborn, Dour struck a deal with the demon Rais'ax to give his son life. The unfortunate and unexplained twist of this, however, was that to give a life, one needed to be taken. Icara was drained of all life by the demon, and it was given to Nareik. Enraged, Dour went back on the deal he made with the demon. He was left to raise Nareik alone, and often found himself hiring help to raise the child. The boy grew up to be a great mage like his father, and was a member of the red order.

Nareik's death came at the hands of Zhaldyr, who ripped Nareik to pieces, imprisoning his soul and opening a gate to the Abyss in the process. Zhaldyr eventually placed Nareik's soul back into his reconstructed body, and sent a confused Nareik wandering home. Dour refused to accept this, however, believing it to be some sort of trick, and he stabbed a knife into his sons chest. Despite thinking it was a trick of some sort, this still pained him greatly to do, leaving Dour to once again mourn the loss of his son.

Mikael Dour - Deceased - "We have a place for you amongst us, if you wish to fill it."

Zach's adoptive father. Mikael was a Void Knight Captain who found a young Zack Aren, and turned him into Zachariah Dour. He took the homeless boy in as his own, and also made him his squire in the Void Knights when Zack was 14. Mikael died in duty, some time after Zach abandoned the Void Knights.

Alonus Dour - Deceased - "You can be as stubborn and arrogant as you want, Zack. It won't mean anything here."

Zach's adoptive brother. A decorated Void Knight Commodore, Alonus was the son of Mikael Dour. He and Zach grew close rather quickly, though after Zach abandoned the order, their relationship was strained at best, and the pair rarely spoke or saw one another. He died at the age of 72, attempting to take back an outpost that had been overran by pests.

Damion Dour - Deceased - "DAMION!"

Zach's adoptive brother. A Void Knight Archer, Damion was Alonus' brother, and died during combat. It was his death that pushed Zach to leave the Void Knight order and pursue his passion for magic.


Ozzir Mandias - Deceased - "Look at us now, my friend. We're old. Where did the years go?"

Ozzir and Dour met when Ozzir was seeking someone knowledgable on Demons. Naturally, Dour sprung at the opportunity. Ozzir revealed that a demon had slaughtered his wife and daughter, and that he wanted revenge on the creature, no matter the cost. Zach was all too happy to oblige, though instead of the demon being 'killed', they agreed that it being bound and held prisoner for eternity was a much harsher punishment. And so, Rais'ax came to be bound to Zach's staff.

This was the beginning of a great friendship, as the pair studied their arts together, combated vampyres and other beasts, and eventually, became two of the highest ranking Wizards at the Tower, with Dour being Archmage and Ozzir heading the Grey Order. Ozzir's death defending students hurt Zach greatly, and he had a monument to his fallen friend constructed behind the Tower building.

Aaron Lansing - Deceased - "McCorrigan used his magic to murder multiple innocents, he confessed as much. You know what must be done."

As the owner of the Wizards' Tower, Aaron noted the establishment was in decline. When he took action, it was in the form of a new Archmage; Zachariah Dour. The pair held a working relationship, and were on fairly good terms. They often met to discuss the goings on at the Tower.

Astrid Grace - Unknown - "What did you do, girl?"

Nareik's former partner. Dour spent a fair bit of time with Astrid, as she was both a member of staff at the Tower and in a relationship with his son. He enjoyed her company, and thought she was a good hearted person, if not a bit dim.

Arjen Ignatius - Unknown - "This, my apprentice, is your guide to EVERYTHING. I trust you will take the greatest care of this."

Arjen was Dour's apprentice during his time as the Archmage of the Wizards' Tower. He took Arjen on after noting that the boy excelled during demonology classes, and Arjen had some degree of a history with the beings. Arjen was given a written copy of the "Infernus in Libro" when he became Dour's apprentice. Dour would often give Arjen personal lessons. After leaving the Tower, Zach lost contact with his former apprentice.

Bound DemonsEdit


The first demon ever bound by Dour. He traded many favours with many other demons in order to build some degree of trust, and played them against eachother until he eventually learned the true name of just one. Seer'thriax was the Avernic unfortunate enough to be sold out by its brethren. Zach bound Seer'thriax to a tome, and forced the demon to display all of its knowledge of its own kind across the pages. In doing this, Dour gained a greater understanding of the beings on Infernus than most could ever dream of. Seer'thriax is the one demon that Dour has never called forth from its prison inside an object.


Dour first encountered the demon Rais'ax when he accompanied Ozzir Mandias in his quest to kill the demon in order to avenge his family. Zach called the demon forth, but rather than kill it, he bound the creature to a staff that became known as Carcere. He and Ozzir both agreed that eternal imprisonment was more of a punishment for the demon than simply 'killing' it and returning it home. Dour has called upon Rais'ax many times in order to make use of his demonic servant. This stopped however after one such use of Rais'ax resulted in the death of his wife, Icara.

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